Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

What is an ECAT?

Our ECAT license (Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher) is a high level of recognition for dedicated teachers who continue to expand to teach and reach beyond our esteemed licensing level of Certified Anusara Teacher (CAT).

ECATs are Anusara teachers who teach Anusara yoga to fellow teachers following our school’s high standards in methodology, philosophy, anatomy, and global curriculum guidelines. ECATs lead quality and in-depth teacher trainings, locally and globally.

As a licensing opportunity for Anusara teachers who want to lead and create change from local to global, our ECAT license qualifies teachers to teach ALL levels of Anusara trainings and modules including 200 and 300 hour trainings as well as therapeutics.

Tiffany Wood and Jacalyn Prete, Certified Anusara teachers sing together and play guitar

Benefits of an ECAT License

ECAT provides an additional professional continuum for teachers. With an ECAT desgination, we recognize experience and knowledge.

Furthermore, Anusara endorses and ensures that our Teacher Trainings like the 300-Hour Required Modules are taught with our highest standards.

While individuals awarded a CAT (Certified Anusara Teacher) may apply to lead a 200-hour teacher training, ECATs are eligible to lead Anusara’s 300-hour teacher trainings as well as more advanced curriculum within our School.

How do I become an ECAT?


Your ECAT application takes three main criteria into consideration:

  1. Anusara teacher training experience: You must have taught at least one (1) Anusara 200-Hour Teacher Training that was registered with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
  2. Experience as a licensed Anusara yoga teacher: You must have seven (7) years experience as an Anusara teacher licensed with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. Including three (3) consecutive years as a licensed Certified Anusara teaching member.
  3. General Anusara yoga teaching experience: We also consider experience in different areas of teaching Anusara yoga, scored on a point system. A minimum of 10 points is required to qualify. Details in the application.

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