Anusara Teacher Training Manuals and Guides

Anusara Teaching Manuals

Immersion Manual

$20 USD plus shipping or printing

Teacher Training Manual

$30 USD plus shipping or printing

Therapeutic Applications
of Anusara Yoga-
Teachers’ Guide

$35 USD plus shipping
or printing

or printing

Immersion/Teacher Training Manuals are available in: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese and Mandarin.
Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga – Teacher’s Guide is currently available in: English.


To order a SINGLE manual

Please fill out this ORDERING FORM FOR SINGLE MANUALS AND THERAPY GUIDE.  According to the information you provide, Store Manager Aline Franco Flores will send you the instructions to complete your  particular purchase. 

For Teacher Trainers
(ordering multiple copies)




Please Register your training with the School first. Contact Ory Brown, Licensing Specialist, at for assistance.

Once your training has been registered and uploaded on the website, the Store Manager will send you a personalized copy of your manuals. With each training registration, you will receive new customized manuals.



Please contact Anusara China Representative, Chen Ya at



Basic Eligibility for Immersion and Teacher Training Manuals

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Intellectual Property Policy states that manuals are available to Anusara teachers with a current license and Anusara students in a registered Anusara Immersion or Teacher Training.

Students of Anusara Yoga Immersions and Teacher Trainings must purchase their manual from their licensed Anusara teacher trainer.


Eligibility for Therapeutic Applications to Anusara Yoga Guide.

Eligibility for the Therapeutic Applications to Anusara Yoga Manual:

  • All licensed Anusara teachers can purchase one (1) single guide for personal use and inspiration.
  • Subject Matter Specialists (SMS) and Teacher Trainers registered to lead a Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga course are responsible for distributing a copy of the manual to the students in their training as described in the steps outlined in this document.
Contact Aline Franco Flores, Store Manager at


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