Anusara Teacher Training Manuals and Guides

Each licensed teacher has two separate accounts, with separate purposes and separate platforms. The one on the left is your Teacher Profile on the ASHY website and the one on the right is your access to your Personal, Account, and Licensing information in our new MindBody system.

If you are, in the process of becoming or have been Licensed you already have an account!. If you do not know or cannot remember or have not setup access to your account please use the "Need New Password" function in the Log In box and use the email address from emails that you have received from us most recently.
PLEASE - Do Not Create another or a new Account! this will only cause more confusion and require staff assistance. You will know if you are successful in reaching the correct account if you see a small colored circular ICON next to your name, Green for Elements, Blue for Inspired, Purple for Certified and Gold for CATT.

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