Overview of New Auto-Renewal Membership System
November 2022

I. Introduction

Many of our members have requested a simpler process to renew their Anusara membership, and we listened! The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors approved the implementation of an automatic Membership renewal process!

II. Objectives of Auto-Renewals

Auto-renewals facilitate the renewal process for both teachers and staff:

  • It saves you some time and energy that could be spent on other things. We know how valuable your personal and teaching time is.
  • By eliminating the laborious process of reminding teachers to renew and collecting membership fees, the School’s staff can use that time to support you in other ways, such as expanding member benefits and programs.
III. How do Auto-Renewals work?
  • Starting in 2023, memberships will automatically renew on your renewal date by charging your credit card through your MindBody Online (MBO) account (or whatever system you use to pay your membership fee)
  • You will still have the same control over your payments as always. For example,
    • You may change your payment method (Credit Card to PayPal)
    • You may change your payment frequency (single payment or installments)
    • You may opt out of automatic renewal by sending your request to
    • You may change your payment option (Standard or Assisted).
  • Thirty (30) days before your membership is due to expire, you will receive an email from MindBody Online to notify you that your renewal date is approaching.
  • You will receive an email from MBO on your anniversary date to notify you that your credit card listed in your MBO account was automatically charged the annual membership fee (or whatever system you use to pay your annual membership fee).

To learn more, please read the FAQ section below.

IV. Current Fees

Please visit the Teacher’s Lounge for the current Application and LicensingFees.


1.- What are the Membership Annual Fee options?
Standard and Assisted Fees are available.

2.- Can any teaching member pay the Assisted fee?
Assisted pricing is intended to support those who cannot pay the Standard fee or are experiencing financial hardship. Please use the honor system in selecting your payment option. Thank you.

3.- How can I request to pay my Membership in installments or with an Assisted fee?
Please email Ory Brown at

4.- Can I still pay through PayPal?
Yes, our auto-renewal system will also be implemented for PayPal users for either the Standard fee, Assisted fee, or installments. Please email Ory Brown at

5.- What happens if my credit card does not have enough funds?
MindBody Online (MBO) will try 2 subsequent attempts during the 7 days following the original attempt. If the card is still declined after 7 days, the amount will be converted to the MBO account balance and a $20 MBO Administrative fee will be added to your account.

We understand that there may be many reasons why your payment has not been processed properly. To learn more about other payment options *please see question #6

6.- What happens if I don’t have a credit card on file?
Make sure you provide the school with a valid payment method for your membership fee before your anniversary date to avoid a $20 MBO Administrative Fee.

    • Enter a valid credit card in your MindBody Online account
    • Request a PayPal renewal plan (see question #4 above)
    • If you live in the USA, you can send a check (email  for mailing address).

7.- Is auto-renewal required or an option?
Yes, it is optional. However, this change was made–at the request of our members–to simplify the membership renewal process. In addition, this change allows our staff to be more efficient and devote more time to member care. Knowing this, please contact Ory at to make other arrangements if you so desire.

8.- How do I put my Anusara membership on hold for a year?
Email Ory Brown at at least ten (10) days prior to your payment due date for details.

9.- What should I do if I do not wish to renew my Anusara membership?
You can still unsubscribe up to 10 days after the payment had been processed, and request a refund of your membership fee, however the school will withhold a $20 USD MBO Administrative Fee from your refund.

10.- How do I terminate my teaching contract before my membership expires?
Your membership will still be active for the remaining time of your license contract. No refunds will be issued, whether you pay a one-time annual fee or in installments. Please contact Ory Brown to deactivate your membership before your membership is due to be renewed.

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