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Welcome to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Store!
Welcome to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Store!

It’s finally here!

The Anusara Online Store is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Anusara Merchandise! We have new exclusive designs created by our dear friend and talented designer Koa Stovall, who captured the essence of our School in his work. Treat yourself or someone you love to our beautiful new Anusara merchandise.

The resources and products below are offered by Anusara licensed teachers, former Anusara teachers, and friends of Anusara Yoga. They may incorporate Anusara-related themes, but they are not part of the Anusara curriculum. Selling these items in our Store should not be construed as a formal endorsement by the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga will post an image of qualified products with a short description at no charge. To display additional content, vendors may purchase an ad through the School’s ad program.


Anusara Educational Resources

’Nitya Moon Goddess Cards Nitya Moon Goddess Cards
by Nancy Dales

16 beautifully printed (5 x 7 inch) shimmery Nitya Goddesses cards to work with, plus an in-depth instruction card with an explanation of the yantras, how to work with the Nityas, and the inner works of their mantras.

To order contact Purchase price includes shipping within the USA. $32.00 per deck.

Anusara Yoga Asana Syllabus Card Deck  

The asana deck is composed of 60 cards presented in a flash card format to help memorize the pose names. The Sanskrit name of the posture is on the front of the card with the English translation on the back. Also, on the front of each card is a a Yantra inspired by the Tantric teachings of the peacock and the elements of nature, as well as, a poetic verse which captures the essence of the particular asana. The back of each card has a photograph of the pose along with energetic alignment cues. Included on the back side are color-coded lotus flowers which correspond to the type of pose. For example, the cards with Indigo lotuses are all twisting poses, green lotuses are backbend postures. The colored lotuses, also, assist with sequencing. An instruction card is included with the deck.

To order contact Purchase price includes shipping within the USA. $42.00 per deck.

Darren Rhodes Tirtha Studios Penchant for Practice Yoga Poster Tirtha Studios Penchant for Practice Yoga Poster


  • Group Package

    Group Package


    5 T-Shirts
    5 Journals
    5 Water Bottles
    5 Stickers

    For your studio or for the students in your training. You can mix and match t-shirt sizes and colors! Please email Lisa with the size/color selection.

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Anusara Accessories


Chi Universe

Chi Universe

Chi Yoga Mat is a ‘game board’ that makes Yoga fun for Kids and Family!
A great way to share your alignment based practice with a younger generation, create new classes for at-home, in school, and online!

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by purchasing all your Chi Universe Products through the Anusara Store!

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