Public Statement from the Board of Directors-June 23, 2020

Recognize the Sacred in All Beings ~ Unity within Diversity

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s roots lie in the highest value of Yoga–recognizing the sacred in every being and in every life. The School sees the unifying and valuable essence at the core of every heart and life among different nationalities, skin colors, genders, sexual orientation, body types and cultures. We are called to protect and expand this essence in our method through our teachers.

The School’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are feeling the grief and pain of ongoing events happening right now in the United States of America (USA). These troubling incidents have exposed the deep and destructive forces of racism in ways that can no longer be ignored. This is a valuable opportunity for us to go within, take a closer look at ourselves and see where we can help move toward a more unified society.

Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) have been wounded, mistreated and murdered by our societies, not only in the USA. We stand behind them with our unwavering support and solidarity. In these difficult times, we, as representatives of the School, are called to express the value of inclusiveness and respect in a stronger way with more integrity. We strive to live by the School’s core value of unity within diversity. We seek the recognition of the sacred in the heart of all beings.

As yoga practitioners, we are being called to fight for more justice and equity for all beings. The School commits to ensuring a safe environment for all people to practice yoga. As Anusara teachers, we pledge to embody our core value of unity within diversity. This starts with self-study, honoring the light within each of us and helping others recognize the light in themselves.

As a teacher-led school, we have an obligation to provide leadership in our efforts to become a global community where every person is fully valued, respected and treated with dignity. We commit to working toward meaningful and lasting change. As part of that change, we embrace the learning and unlearning that it requires.

We invite you to join us in developing and implementing an action plan aimed at more fully living our core values of recognizing the sacred in all beings and finding unity within diversity. We will surely stumble in this journey, but we will stumble bravely.

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