Reinstatement Review Form

Our School is quickly evolving and so is our method. In order for us to verify that your current teaching still aligns with the Anusara methodology and philosophy, we require that you have either a class evaluated by a peer licensed teachers or submit a self-evaluation and video clips for our review team to evaluation. Please complete the following if:

  • You were previously licensed with Anusara Inc. or Anusara School of Hatha Yoga -AND- your license has not been renewed in the past two (2) licensing years.

Select and complete one of the options below to apply for reinstatement:

Option #1 – Class Evaluation by peer observer: Please have a currently licensed Certified Anusara Teacher (CAT) or Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher (ECAT) observe one of your classes and have them submit the form below to Ory@anusarayoga.com.

Option #2 – Self-Evaluation: Please complete the form below self-evaluating your own teaching. Submit the completed form along with two (2) short videos (5-10 minutes long) following these instructions:

  • Video #1: Record yourself presenting the opening segment of a class (without the Om/Invocation).
  • Video #2: Record yourself instructing a demonstration of a pose from that same class in video #1

Video submissions can be recorded on smartphone or record on Zoom. It is recommended to upload the videos to Vimeo/YouTube (unlisted) and include the URL access links in your application. Alternatively you may upload the videos to e-mail and send them to ory@anusarayoga.com after submitting the application form.