Reinstatement Review Form

Complete the following if you are:

  • A previously licensed Anusara teacher who wishes to reinstate your license with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
  • A teacher whose Anusara license has expired and has not been renewed in the past two year

Select one of the options below to apply for reinstatement:

Option #1 – Class Evaluation by peer observer: Please have a currently licensed Certified Anusara Teacher (CAT) or Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher (ECAT) observe one of your classes and submit this form to (For a printable pdf version of this form for your observer to use, please email

Option #2 – Self-Evaluation: Please complete this form about your own teaching. Submit the completed form along with two (2) short videos (5-10 minutes long) following these instructions:

  • Video #1: Record yourself presenting the opening segment of the class (without the Om/Invocation).
  • Video #2: Record yourself instructing a demonstration of a pose.

Video submissions can be recorded on smartphone and either sent directly or uploaded to YouTube (unlisted) and link submitted to