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Andres Perez, Certified Anusara Teacher

Generosidad: Una de las cualidades del Amor (Hanuman)

Bridget Woods, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Tara the Goddess of Compassion that ferries us all across the ocean

Julia Pearring, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Cultivating a Steady Base of Compassion

Julia Schlenkert, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Here to Serve: Giving Adjustments as an Act of Love

Jacalyn Prete, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Dance of the Divine Feminine

Will Doran, Certified Anusara Teacher

Building Power to Create the Freedom You Desire

Eva Ananya, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

The Power of Breath: Breathing as a Path to Yourself

Bill Mahony PhD, Philosophy Scholar

daya-bhutesu: Generous Compassion

Cat McCarthy, Certified Anusara Teacher

The Art & Science of Getting Along

Madhuri Martin, E-Certified Anusara Teacher
Judyth Hill, Subject Matter Specialist


Due to illness, Judyth’s workshop has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 28!

Adam Ballenger, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Spiral – Master Session

Sarah Powell, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Bhima: A Tough Guy? Or a Softie?

Letizzia Wastavino, Certified Anusara Teacher

Compasion hacia nosotros mismos

Leah Kline, Certified Anusara Teacher

Time-Less: a vibrational experience from sound to compassionate silence

Suzanne Zuber, Certified Anusara Teacher

Compassion in Action: Easeful Arm Balances

Beatriz Almazan, Certified Anusara Teacher

Basandote en la generosidad compasion y sabiduria disfruta la armonia y La Paz



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