Samudra Shakti Presenter

Thank You for Applying

Thank you for your interest in Samudra Shakti ONLINE. We are grateful that you are interested in sharing your gifts as a volunteer for our free continuing education program.

Each month, the seat of the teacher moves to those who take up their own authority. Our intention for Samudra Shakti ONLINE, is that participants will

  • Learn something new
  • Connect more fully to our community
  • Anchor in the foundation of our practice
  • Expand more fully into greatness.

Our volunteer planning team is interested in a diverse selection of topics from a variety of voices. The only requirement is that what you offer connects to Anusara. Your free and volunteer continuing education topic could be anything from philosophy to methodology, or even an asana practice.

For Samudra Shakti ONLINE, our work is all volunteer. Therefore, presenters will not be paid.

If you are interested in volunteering your talents, please fill out the application below.

After successfully submitting  your application, you will receive an email response.