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anusara teachers assisting yoga students into poses

Samudra Shakti is a collaboration of our hearts. We are a mirror for each other’s greatness.

Meet our Presenters for our

2019 USA Teachers Gathering

Sunday, September 15
to Wednesday, September 18
Estes Park, CO

We have an amazing line up of Presenters for our gathering!  Diverse voices from all corners of our country converge in the Rockies to unify our powerful collective. We are so excited about the richness as well as the depth and breadth.

Furthermore, at our  gathering, with the seat of the teacher moving to those who take up their own authority, from our Samudra Shakti Presenters, you will

  • Learn something new
  • Connect more fully to our community
  • Anchor yourself in the foundation of our practice
  • Expand more fully into your greatness.

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Samudra Shakti Presenters

julia pearring in warrior pose

Julia’s enthusiasm for anatomy and therapeutics will shine in an offering she will co-teach with Jen Harbour.

madhuri martin in dragon fly yoga pose and teaching in denver

Madhuri Martin, in addition to being our Event Host, will also help you understand your value and worth as an Anusara teacher.

peter goodman in side plank pose

With depth of experience, Peter will co-teach with Adam Ballenger an intro to The Art of Yoga Adjustments, Touch and the Anatomy that connects the Optimal Blueprint. He will also teach an asana class of hip opening, seated forward bends and twists as well as facilitate an Open Space.

tiffany wood with her arm in the air and assisting savasana

With a gift for the right words at the right moment, Tiffany will help you discover how to more fully handle difficult situations with ease.

chaya spencer assisting a yoga pose

As a yogi who began practice at the age of 6 and spent her teen years in an ashram in India, Chaya will lead meditation as well as Kirtan with Katchie Ananda.

Adolfo Sauri sitting in meditation.

Adolfo, who has tremendous generosity to serve and is bilingual, will ground us in our hearts as we encounter the cross roads in our lives.

keneen hope mcniven in a low lunge with yellow background

As Doctor of Chiropractic, Keneen offers a new paradigm for pain relief, trauma work, and self actualization.

Carmel Calcagno in seated meditation on a beach

Carmel will offer a joyful morning as she leads asana and meditation.

Jaye Martin wearing white in baddha konasana and in handstand with a split yoga poses

Jaye opens our gathering with playful and powerful asana connected to our school’s philosophy on Sunday late afternoon.

alicia poldino teaching pre-natal yoga

Alicia brings her wisdom of best practices for pre-natal and post -natal yoga with a modern perspective.

will doran smiling

With a passion for life and supporting others on the journey, Will will help anchor us in our school’s philosophy.

lisa long in a drop back backbend on the beach at sunset

With a Master’s in Mass Communications, Lisa co-teaches with Cathy Bryant on how to streamline your marketing and wisely and efficiently position your offerings in a digital landscape.

jen harbour smiling big

With spunky enthusiasm and a zest for life, Jen co-teaches with Julia Pearring.

adam ballenger black and white with arms extended teaching yoga anatomy and physiology

Adam’s passion for anatomy and right action elevates others through his work. He co-teaches with Peter Goodman as well as offers a back bending asana practice.

gail corvette in triangle pose and a seated yoga twist

Sober since 1995, Gail walks her talk and will co-facilitate an Open Space session.

john seelye anjali mudra and assisting a yoga pose

John co-facilitates an Open Space session.

kim friedman smiling and in pigeon pose

Kim facilitates several Open Space sessions.

cathy bryant head shot

As a social media expert, Cathy co-teaches with Lisa Long on effective digital marketing strategies for yoga teachers.

nancy burtenshaw in wild thing on a lake

Steady and grounded while encouraging, fun, and challenging, Nancy will lead an asana practice.

denise stottman in mermaid pose by a pool

While her pot belly pig, Mini Cooper, stays at home, Denise, who holds a Masters in Engineering, will lead an asana session.

nii armah sowah teaching african dance to build community

Nii Armah will help connect our community through African dance.

keric morinaga in scorpion pose with spiderman figure

Keric will lead us into deeper appreciation for creative ideas for asana for millenials and beyond.

katchie ananda smiling in a yoga pose

Katchie Anada will help us stay on the path with passion and perseverance.

deb payne smiling

Deb will share her gift of creation and artistic flare.

jane norton in an arm balance yoga pose

Jane will share her passion for our school’s Tantric, non-dual philosophy as well as participate in an Open Space on working with Special Populations.

rachel bush in a yoga seated twist contemplating ayurveda

With a passion for ayurveda, Rachel will help you be more compassionate with yourself.

doc and donna savage in indian dress and doc in warrior one yoga pose

With a joyful heart, Doc will lend a hand at our gathering.

debbi j payne jd seeks compassionate communication and community resiliency

Debbi, also known as DJ, is retired Town Justice and an Anusara SMS for Compassionate Communication.

cara zaruba butler in wild thing yoga pose

Cara’s passion for our Professional Development will spark you to expand your horizons.

judyth hill speaking

Judyth, through her art and skill of bringing ideas to life, will help us know our value and worth.

samudra shakti logo for anusara teachers gathering usa 2019

See you in Estes Park, CO
September 2019!

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