We Are Anusara 2022

Anusara’s Annual Global Fundraising Campaign

Thank you to our 2022 Contributors!

Beatriz Almazán Cueto

Jennifer Benning

Sandra Benuzzi

Atha Panou

Cornelia Carson

Gianni Chavez

Carla Ciatto

Gail Corvette

Claudia Dahnelt

Alessandra di Prampero

Lind Eifer

Paola Endrizzi

Kim Friedman

Francesca Giuradeo

Denise Hatch

Kiyomi Hayashi

Stella Iglesias polero

Julia Mustermann

Erica Nasi

Maria Grazia Orlando

Deb Payne

Julia Pearring

Rachel Ramsland

Katherine Rottman

Leslie Salmon

John Seelye

Letizzia Wastavino

Kula Bhrājana Europe Online (KBEO)

World Yoga Center

Laura Hartman

Congratulations to our 2022 raffle winner and highest contributors!

Raffle winner: Claudia Dahnelt (Germany) won a T-shirt with our beautiful new design, created by artist Koa Stovall!

Highest contributor: The Kula Bhrājana Europe Online (KBEO) team won a free, one-year Anusara membership!

Second highest contributor: Gail Corvette won a full-event ticket to Samavesha 2023!

Third highest contributor: Letizzia Wastavino won 2 T-shirts with our beautiful new design!

Note: Two members of the Board of Directors’ Fundraising Committee–John Seelye and Leslie Salmon–were the 2 highest contributors. John contributed part of his earnings from the Anusara retreat held at Kripalu Yoga Center last September. Leslie held a special We Are Anusara workshop on the therapeutic application of Anusara Yoga. However, John and Leslie are ineligible for any prize, due to their participation on this committee.

Be an ambassador of Anusara Yoga!
Participate in this year’s We Are Anusara campaign!

This year’s theme:
Yoga as Art

In the same way that art evokes a powerful response in us, the emotional power of Anusara Yoga is felt each time we enter, hold and release a pose, no matter its level of simplicity or challenge.

As Anusara teachers, we are always creating sequences, themes and ways to expand the artistic heart of Anusara. Our method gives us the power to create a different class every time we teach.

By participating in this campaign, Anusara teachers–and by extension their students–are helping to ensure this organizational fascia continues to support the growing network of teachers and students around the world who benefit from their Anusara practice.

Anusara teachers around the world –“the Artists of Anusara” — are invited to share their creative Shakti in celebration of Anusara Yoga!

Just as we need to support artists so art continues to thrive, we all need to support the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga so Anusara Yoga continues to thrive and expand worldwide.

The School is the organizational fascia for Anusara Yoga. It fosters the professional development of new teachers, enables us to gather in person and online and provides an international education hub.

The School’s Board of Directors invites you to celebrate Yoga as Art by creating your own artistic expression of Anusara Yoga, such as a class, an event, or an immersive experience.

How do I make my contribution?

It’s easy! 

After clicking on this button, scroll down to the end of the page and choose the appropriate button.

How does this campaign work?

Some teachers who teach one class a week weave the theme throughout their weekly class for a month and then contribute some or all of their earnings for the month to this campaign. 

YOU decide what portion of your earnings from your Yoga as Art class(es) or event you will contribute to this campaign!

How can I participate?

There are many ways to participate. YOU decide which one works best for you! 


  • Organize a specific event and contribute some or all of the revenues to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
  • Be an Ambassador of Anusara Yoga by soliciting contributions directly from your students.
  • Contribute some or all of the revenue from one or more of your regularly scheduled class(es).

Or you can create your own artistic way to participate and contribute!

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga will support your creation by sharing and promoting all We Are Anusara events and classes on social media and the website.

How will my contribution be used?

The Fundraising Committee has set 3 targets:

  • $5,000 USD will enable the School to create and support volunteer-driven professional developments programs, such as the new Mentoring Program,Samudra Shakti Online, Samudra Shakti 2023 (in person gathering), Kula-Bhrajana Europe Online, Samavesha Planning Committee, and the Teachers’ Lounge on the School’s website.
  • $10,000 USD will enable the School to establish a scholarship program for people from underserved communities who want to participate in an Anusara teacher training but cannot afford to do so.
  • $15,000 USD will enable us to reach both goals!

Will I receive a thank-you gift?

All participating teachers who register to participate in this campaign will:

  • Be entered into a raffle! The winner will win a T-shirt with our beautiful new design created by Koa Stovall.
  • Be highlighted on the School’s website, in the Anusara News newsletter, and the School’s social media channels communication channels if you submit a photo from your class/event!
  • Receive a digital certificate recognizing your participation in and support of this campaign!

Highest Contributor: Free one-year Anusara membership!

Second highest Contributor: Free full-event ticket to Samavesha 2022 this Novermber!

Third highest donation: 2 free T-shirts with our beautiful new design!


Contact your Country Coordinator or email We Are Anusara Campaign Coordinator Maria Grazia Orlando at maria@anusarayoga.com

Help Anusara Yoga continue to thrive and grow! 

We are Anusara!

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