Anusara Global Kula – The U.S. Kula is growing! – 5th Edition Anusara Marga

The U.S. Anusara Kula is growing!

By Chaya Spencer and Rachel Dewan
Certified Anusara® Yoga Teachers

Thanks to Certified teachers Rachel Dewan and Chaya Spencer, all 9 of the graduates from their recent 200-hour Teacher training have become Anusara Elements® teachers!

Chaya opened her studio in Northern New Jersey in 2004 and over the years has taught several Anusara trainings.  Fifteen years later, there are now 28 yoga studios within a 10-mile radius and yet students continue to seek out Anusara yoga.

Last year Chaya invited Rachel Dewan to hold a training at her studio. Rachel would do the actual teaching and Chaya’s role would be more in the background, handling scheduling, marketing, etc.

This was Rachel’s first “solo” training. She was very grateful for Chaya’s dedication to Anusara and could sense Chaya’s energetic support throughout the training.

The students ranged in age from 22 to early 60’s.  Rachel spoke of the students’ strong sense of community and mentioned that two very close friendships had come out of the training.

Why did all 9 of the grads decide to apply for the Elements license?  During the training, Rachel kept telling the students that they were taking a double-major in yoga AND Anusara and that they needed to work twice as hard as many non-Anusara yoga training programs.

She would often say as an aside: “Now this is the Anusara part…..If you were taking another type of training, you wouldn’t get this…”

The students began to realize the treasure that is the Anusara path, and by the end of the training they were invested in Anusara and went on to become licensed Anusara teachers.

Our ASHY School gladly welcomes our newest teachers!

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