SAMAVESHA Annual Yoga Festival 2023

From left to right: Kim Friedman, Letizzia Wastavino, Andrés Pérez, Julia Schlenkert, Stella Iglesias

The Samavesha Organizing Committee is so grateful to everyone who made this such a special reunion!

  • “I really enjoyed my stay, the workshops and classes and would come back any time. The variety of topics on offer was really overwhelming and it was hard to know which one to take up first!” ~ Florian Dherer (Germany)
  • “This was by far the best Samavesha I have attended for so many reasons…The planning, the caliber of teaching staff, the variety of offerings, the intention of the people who organized it, and the humility of the folks who planned and executed the logistics was so fantastic.  I loved the beauty of the venue.” ~ Jacalyn Prete (USA)
  • “It was wonderful to experience the event and all the efforts you all put forth was evident. I could feel the theme in every session I attended. It reinforced my pride to be part of something much bigger than me.” ~ Atha Panou (USA)
  • “It was wonderful to be in community again, it topped up the high I felt after the Rockies. Once again I felt like I had come home, I love our Kula so much.” ~ Noeleen Tyrrell (Ireland)


Thanks again to our generous event sponsors!

All yoga enthusiasts and teachers are welcome!

Join us to…

  • Learn about the philosophy of Anusara that has its base in Tantra
  • Take classes and workshops from talented teachers
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Infuse your practice with new inspiration
  • See old friends and make new ones!

Thursday, November 2 – Sunday, November 5

Barcelona, Spain

Event Program

Whether you’re looking for a professional development opportunity or want to experience the magic of being together, this year’s program has something for you!

Highlights include:

  • many skilled Anusara teachers
  • an immersive exploration of Tantric philosophy
  • a diverse selection of offerings to choose from
  • time to socialize and enjoy each other’s company

(The program is subject to change.)


Hotel Playafels
Playa Ribera de San Pedro, 1-9, Carrer Ribera de Sant Pere, 1-9, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain



The cost of all 3 lodging options includes taxes and breakfast:

#1: ONSITE HOTEL: Hotel Playafels

  • We have negotiated a special room rate of €155 per night. (The hotel has blocked off 50 rooms for the event, of which 40 have ONE double bed. The remainder have 2 beds.)
  • If you prefer to room by yourself, the room rate is €144,10 per night.

#2: APARTMENTS: Castelldefels City Apartments
(a short walk from Hotel Playafels)

  • 2 beds
    • €103,40 per night (2 people)
    • €96,80 per night (1 person)
  • 3 beds @ €154 per night (3 people)
  • 4 beds @ €204,60 per night (4 people)

#3: OFFSITE HOTEL: Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels (a short walk from Hotel Playafels)

  • 2 beds
    • €103,40 per night (2 people)
    • €96,80 per night (1 person)

Reserve your room!

If you would like to reserve a room, please fill out the form below:


If you have a question about your reservation, or need help changing your reservation, contact: Andrés Pérez ~

New group discount and online options!

Tickets WITH Food


Early Bird (best price): The Early Bird phase ended on August 31.
Regular pricing: September 1 – November 1

  • Full event: $655 USD | € 615
  • 2 1/2 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): $575 USD | € 540
  • 2 days (Friday and Saturday): $500 USD | € 469
  • 1 1/2 days (Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday: $450 USD | € 422
  • 1 day (Friday or Saturday): $375 USD | € 352

Tickets WITHOUT Food

September 15-27: 10% discount (use code WELOVESAMAVESHA)
September 28 – November 1: regular pricing

  • Full Event: $380 USD | € 341
  • 2 1/2 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): $330 USD | € 297
  • 2 days (Friday and Saturday): $260 USD | € 234
  • 1 1/2 days (Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday): $260 USD | € 180
  • 1 day (Friday or Saturday): $130 USD | € 117

New GROUP Discount!

TEACHERS FROM ALL STYLES OF YOGA: If you bring 3 or more of your students to Samavesha, they will receive a discount!

Students who come with their teacher receive a 15% discount!

Teachers who bring a minimum of 3 students also receive a 15% discount!

Use this code when purchasing your ticket: COMEWITHME

  • Full Event (no food): $324 USD (save $56 USD)
  • 2 1/2 days (no food): $282 USD (save $48 USD)
  • 2 days (no food): $222 USD (save $38 USD)
  • 1 1/2 days (no food): $171 USD (save $29 USD)
  • 1 day (no food): $112 USD (save $18 USD)

Can’t come to Samavesha in person?

Join virtually or watch afterwards!

Your ticket entitles you to the recordings afterwards.

There are 4 NEW ticket options, each with 3 different ticket prices (in USD) to choose from.

You choose the price you can afford. (Please choose Tier 3 if you’re able!)

• Single class (choice of 16 different classes)
• Tier 1: $20
• Tier 2: $26
• Tier 3: $31

• Philosophy only (4 sessions totaling 7.5 hours)
• Tier 1:$80
• Tier 2: $108
• Tier 3: $130

• Philosophy + workshops (17.5 hours)
• Tier 1: $108
• Tier 2: $140
• Tier 3: $168

• Full package (24 classes/workshops/philosophy sessions)
• Tier 1: $200
• Tier 2: $260
• Tier 3: $312

DISCLAIMER: Our ability to live stream will depend on the hotel’s WiFi speed and bandwidth. The hotel has reassured us that this will not be a problem, but this is beyond our control.

Please keep in mind that the USD/€ exchange rate varies from day to day.


(Note: Due to illness, visa issues, and other unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that a presenter may have to cancel last minute. If that happens, we will be sure to find an exciting alternative class or workshop!)

Meet Our Samavesha 2023 Presenters!

Gisela Vázquez (ECAT from Spain) will be our philosophy teacher.


Transportation to the Hotel

You can travel from the airport in Barcelona to Hotel Playafels/Castelldefels (where all classes will take place) via different modes of transportation.

The ride takes about 15 minutes, depending on traffic and the time of day.

(To translate this website into your native language, your computer must be set to that language.)

Things To Do and See in Barcelona

Definitely leave some time before or after Samavesha to explore this beautiful city!

Here are some ideas:


We are pleased to announce the following event sponsors!

A company based in Spain that provides management software for use by yoga studios and other types of businesses.

  • The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga will use TIMP’s software to manage on-site registration at Samavesha.
  • TIMP is offering a 15% discount to new users who attend Samavesha!
  • Descuento del -15% al contratar TIMP para los nuevos clientes que vengan de haber asistido al evento (válido durante noviembre y diciembre de 2023).

A company based in Spain that produces a wide variety of high-quality herbal products, such as teas, aromatherapy, and products for women and children.

Over the past three decades, Yogi Tea has made teas inspired by the ancient holistic healing philosophy of Ayurveda. Yogi offers more than 40 tea blends made from 140 botanicals and spices from around the globe.

Aneto Natural, a company based in Spain, offers many kinds of broths for soups and paella. They are free from additives, concentrates, dehydrates, preservative, or flavorings.

Please support our generous sponsors!


I’m not familiar with Anusara yoga or what you are about. Can you tell me more?

Sure! We are a registered Hatha Yoga school recognized by Yoga Alliance. Anusara yoga is an alignment-based and heart-centered style of Hatha yoga. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our different offerings:

What is Samavesha?

Samavesha is Anusara Yoga’s annual international festival! Yoga students and teachers from around the world come together to learn from each other, see old friends and make new friends, and enjoy a chance to relax in a beautiful setting.

I’m not an Anusara teacher. Am I still welcome?

Yes! This event is open to everyone! Please come!

I don’t know much about Anusara Yoga. May I still come?

Yes! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the unique aspects of Anusara yoga and meet wonderful people!

Where is Samavesha taking place?

Hotel Playafels in Sitges, Spain, outside Barcelona’s city center. The beautiful hotel is very close to the beach and restaurants.

How do I reserve a room or an apartment?

Review your options and then submit the form on the our website.

Can I receive Continuing Education Credits (CEU) at this event if I am not affiliated with Anusara Yoga?

Yes! Even if you are certified under a different school, you can still receive at least 50 hours of CEU credits by attending the full event. These credits are recognized by Yoga Alliance.

I can’t come for the entire event. Can I come for fewer days?

Yes! You have several options.

I won’t know if I can go until the last minute. When is the last day I can buy a ticket? 

Wednesday, November 1. That gives us time to process your reservation.

How can I get a discount?

If you’re a teacher and you bring at least 3 students, or if you’re a student and you come with your teacher, you save 15% on all tickets without food!

How do I get from the airport in Barcelona to the hotel where Samavesha is taking place?

You have several options. Go here for more information.

I can’t travel to Spain. Can I participate in Samavesha via live streaming (online) or watch classes after the event is over?

Yes! You have until Wednesday, November 1, to buy your online ticket. You have 4 options to choose from. Every online ticket enables you to receive the recording(s) afterwards, depending on which package you buy.

Questions? Need help?

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