Meet Our Mentor – Julia Schlenkert

We chatted with our mentor, Julia Schlenkert about her experience with Anusara and why she decided to become an Anusara mentor!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi Yogis! I’m Julia, Anusara’s Country Coordinator in Germany. 

We might have met online because I love helping with events like Samavesha and organizing online workshops with my teachers from the USA. 

I’m also an Experience Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher (ECAT) and run my own studio Happy Yoga in Essen, Germany. Most of my day-to-day business is being a good local teacher.

Why did you choose to become a Mentor?

I’m so thankful for all the mentoring and help I got from my own excellent teachers. It would be a waste to keep it to myself! But I’ve also seen some insecurity in new teachers or entrenched patterns that dilute our beloved method of teaching. Getting Certified is a great way to refine our way of teaching by sticking to the method as required. I learned a lot about Anusara during my own certification process. When I train or mentor teachers, this understanding deepens more and more. So let’s grow together, shall we?

Tell us about your Mentoring Session.

Teaching with the UPAs is not just essential for an Anusara class, it’s also a brilliant template or framework that gives you confidence and lots of space for exploration, growth and play – if you teach them from a place of understanding. In our session, we will look at the actions that need to be done to “perform“ a principle on the mat. You will broaden your repertoire of cues, using active language in particular. Expect to learn a strategy about how to look at functional movements in the future, so that after our session you can work on that repertoire even more. 

What is your inspiring message for our members?

Every teacher can give cues. Now let’s get awesome by teaching our students actions they can perform to feel strong and self-empowered. Let’s become teachers that make a difference using all the excellence our method has to offer!

How can people get in touch with you?

Get in touch and follow Suzanne Faith:

Website: Happy Yoga Essen

Instagram: Happy Yoga Essen

Facebook:  Julia Schlenkert

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