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Karin Rüger, Experienced Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT500 & YACEP), Complementary Therapist Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education and certified Yoga therapist (C-IAYT) completed her first Anusara Immersion and teacher training in 2009 in Vancouver with Elissa Gumushel, Christine Price Clark and Todd Inouye, followed by many wide and deep trainings with John Friend, Carlos Pomeda, Christina Sell, Desirée Rumbaugh and Chris Chavez. Karin was granted the Anusara Inspired status in January 2010 and continued to practice, learn and teach in the method, upholding this license continuously until 2020, when she received certification.

Karin is the founder and director of YOGASSVA Yogaschool in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, a Yoga Alliance registered Hatha Yoga school (RYS200/300, since 2012). In addition, through her dedicated therapeutic studies and practice in the work with people with special needs and under the guidance of Sonia Sumar, in the method of Yoga for the Special Child® LLC, Karin is a Complementary Therapist with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (Switzerland) and an international certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT).

Karin‘s sadhana and meditation practices are rooted in Kriya Yoga, where she was initiated in 2010 by Nakul Kapur. Having been given permission to teach meditation in the method of Kriya Yoga after achieving formal certification, Karin’s teachings in these limbs of Yoga are deeply rooted in this tradition of Tantra.

In addition to her work in yoga, Karin has a prolific career in the swiss foreign government work. As a ‘Mom of Four’ she shares with her husband their family home in the german/french speaking part of Switzerland.

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What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

Anusara yoga offers me exceptional tools to practice yoga on the mat and live skillfully within my own body/mind system in order to stay strong, healthy and happy. The method allows me to teach the postures and movement of the body and breath in a very refined way by keeping the connection to spirituality and expressing it in a most beautiful way. I find great pleasure in observing how the Anusara yoga practice transforms students lives as it has mine. The idea of connecting with an international community and like-minded people i find most fascinating.

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

I love giving people clear orientation and inspiration of what yoga is by using facets of my life, the method and sharing Anusara Yoga’s focus on attitude, alignment and action through skillful practice on the mat and in life with roots in tantric philosophy. Anusara yoga offers defenitely an unique combination of spirituality of the heart and thoughtful movement in the body that can be practiced so easily by everyone.

Why do you license with Anusara?

It is a privilege to call myself a licensed Anusara teacher. This license represents thousands of practice, study and teaching hours, the hard work along the path of certification which i consciously countered with grace using strenght and connection to inner truth as I moved along. It represents my sincere dedication towards the method and my outmost respect towards the organisation that stands behind it. It also reflects my deep gratitude to my core teachers of Anusara yoga, that taught me well in the past (John Friend, Elissa Gumushel, Christine Price-Clark, Christina Sell, Desiree Rumbaugh, Chris Chavez, Todd Inouye, Nicole Konrad and Christina Lobe) . – Let us continue to trust in the roots and essence of the Source and expand our divine conciousness together and continuously.

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Karin Rüger