Samudra Shakti Intensive: Experiential Tantra

judyth hill madhuri martin teach experiential tantra at samudra shakti rocky mountains
Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin offer Atomic Bliss: Experiential Tantra a 10-hour Intensive Study at Samudra Shakti.

Samudra Shakti Retreat with Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin
10-Hours Intensive Study – Atomic Bliss: Experiential Tantra

Ready to experience Ecstatic Practice, Ecstatic Voice, Celebration of Praise and Deep Embodiment? Join Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin for a 10-hour Intensive at Samudra Shakti – Anusara Yoga’s Retreat in the Rocky Mountains. This Intensive is open to all practitioners from all lineages.

Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday September 20
Estes Park, Colorado USA

Your Intensive event ticket includes 10-hours of exclusive in-depth study with master teachers, Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin, as well as all-event access to our 4-day Samudra Shakti yoga retreat.

Atomic Bliss: Experiential Tantra – Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin Intensive Focus

We are born with the most incredible tools for ecstatic living. Our senses, our remembrance, our imagination, our intuition, our ability to express. Our miraculously wise bodies!

We all have Author/ity. We are the author of our days, as we co-create every moment. And yet, and yet – how well do we move in the world as an embodied whole being making full, grateful use of all our innate tools?

We long to be fully, vividly, beautifully present for the world – and to have our world, our communities, and families – our students – present for us. We long, passionately, to know and celebrate our place in our own Story – and have that personal story arc in a richly articulated reciprocal relationship with the Larger Stories. The stories of our ancestors, the Holy Stories of the wild, ecstatic Divine – we long for that Wisdom, for those capacities for Joy and Depth to be ours – and – know, that somehow they actually already are!

We long, don’t we? – to know our place and feel and enact the Stories the natural world reveals every waking, walking moment.

Moving in the world as a Tantric being means coming into THIS luscious wholeness! Playing the body as an instrument of thanking and BeautyMaking, feeling our liveliness pouring out of our every pore – connecting to this World, the Beloveds, the mountains and rivers, with our eyes, our speaking, our every sense and muscle, and with our loving – our teaching.

Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin teach Ecstatic Practice, Ecstatic Voice, Celebration of Praise and Deep Embodiment.

Experiential Tantra Intensive

Dive into a treasure chest of your own possibilities with Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher, Madhuri Martin and poet, Storyista, Judyth Hill. Join us to experience and explore the incredibly powerful practices of writing, storytelling, breathing, chanting, and asana, and together we will discover each of our richest, UNIQUE expression possible of what it means to be deliciously, profoundly, Tantrically – ALIVE!

Imagine our lives coming radiantly, radically, fiercely . . . into the deepest connections to ourselves, the world, and each other available to us!

Enjoy 10-hours of Intensive Study During Your 4-Day Retreat

Samudra Shakti begins on Sunday, September 17 with an afternoon group asana practice and an evening restorative sound bath.

Intensive Study Days / Hours

Your Intensive study with Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin occurs on Monday, September 18 for 5 hours and Tuesday, September 19 for 5 hours.

Monday & Tuesday
9 a.m. – Noon
1:30-3:30 pm

Samudra Shakti concludes on Wednesday, September 20 following morning meditation and (2) group asana practices. View the entire schedule for Samudra Shakti.

All Event Access with your Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin – Atomic Bliss: Experiential Tantra Intensive Purchase

Enjoy any and all of Samudra Shakti’s retreat offerings for the 4-days with your Intensive ticket purchase.

Plan Your Retreat

Willome is one of Samudra Shakti’s meeting spaces at the Estes Park YMCA.

Book Your Lodging / Meals ASAP

In addition to purchasing your Judyth Hill & Madhuri Martin – Experiential Tantra Intensive event ticket, you will also need to reserve your lodging / meals through the Estes Park YMCA’s reservation portal. Your Lodging / Meals purchase through the Este Park YMCA includes 9 meals beginning with dinner on Sunday through lunch on Wednesday.

Download Our Welcome Guide & Venue Map

Download our Welcome Guide PDF for additional venue information including cancellation policies. As well, download our Venue Map PDF so you may easily navigate the beautiful Estes Park YMCA campus.

Read Frequently Asked Questions

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to help you easily plan your Samudra Shakti retreat and Intensive Study.

Join our Samudra Shakti Facebook Event

To coordinate ride shares or sharing a room at the Estes Park YMCA, join our Samudra Shakti Facebook Event.

See You in Estes Park, Colorado!

Samudra Shakti – an Anusara Yoga Retreat
Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday, September 20

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