Samudra Shakti | Yoga Retreat | Rocky Mountains | Estes Park / Denver

Samudra Shakti | Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | Estes Park, Colorado near Denver in Rocky Mountains USA

Ready for a wonderful life-affirming experience?

Our Anusara yoga retreat in Estes Park joyfully connects you to your heart.

Yoga Retreat Benefits

Asana + Meditation

Recharge and reconnect at our yoga retreat in Estes Park. Daily practices take you deep into your experience to help you re-discover your unlimited potential. Enter the realm of a deep knowing that Attitude, Alignment and Action are a potent combination to propel you on your path.

Heart-Centered Teaching

Enjoy learning from master yoga teachers who are well-regarded for superbly crafted pose sequencing. Encounter powerful techniques combined with exquisite heart-centered language that guides you to delight in bravely experiencing your life. Re-set and be re-inspired.

Inspiring Location

Relax and enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks at the gateway to Rocky Mountains National Park in Estes Park, Colorado. Feel safe, calm and secure knowing that lodging and meals are included at our lovely yoga retreat venue. Once you arrive at the venue, everything is easy walking distance.

Check out our venue and images from our 2019 retreat.

Yoga Retreat in Estes Park

Samudra Shakti 2023 | Rocky Mountains USA

From Sunday, September 17 through
Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Freedom to Choose Your Yoga Retreat Experience

In order to immerse yourself in the study and celebration of Anusara Yoga, you’ll choose one of (2) options or paths while enjoying your Samudra Shakti retreat with us.

  • 4-Day Retreat OR
  • Intensive Study + Retreat
Enjoy a 4-Day Anusara Yoga Retreat

4-Day Retreat

Enjoy an astounding variety of insightful wisdom from our Anusara Retreat Staff who offer phenomenal practices throughout our event. You have total freedom to choose how each day unfolds with a delightful mix of asana, meditation, and philosophy with ample free time to relax and marvel in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Our Anusara yoga retreat Teaching Staff includes Chaya Spencer, Christine du Fresne, Christy McKenzie, Denise Stottmann, Jaye Martin, Jeanie Manchester, John Seelye, Julia Pearring, Lisa Long, Nii Armah Soweh, Noeleen Tyrrell, Rachel Dewan, Cat McCarthy, Suzanne Zuber, and Will Doran.

Include Intensive Study with a master teacher on a specific topic to your 4-Day Retreat

Intensive Study + Retreat

You may also choose to immerse yourself in a topic of dedicated study with one of our Intensive Teachers. When not in your Intensive, you have the freedom to attend any and all of the 4-Day Retreat offerings from music to meditation, asana practice, and more.

Intensive Study Teachers and Topics

Samudra Shakti Yoga Retreat – Lodging

Watch this video to see our venue’s Lodging and Rooms.

Reserve Your Room at the Estes Park YMCA

We have reserved a block of rooms for Samudra Shakti. Your Lodging includes a 3-night stay and 9 meals (dinner on Sunday, September 17 through lunch on Wednesday, September 20). The YMCA does offer vegan / vegetarian options at every meal.

To guarantee you have lodging and meals, please reserve your room before August 15th using the Estes Park YMCA reservation portal. Carefully, follow the instructions below.

How To Reserve Lodging / Meals

  1. Go to Estes Park YMCA reservation portal.

  2. Enter the exact dates for Samudra Shakti – September 17-20, 2023

  3. Enter Group Code: 1052429

  4. NOTE: As of August 30, Wind River Lodge is full. Rooms are still available in Eagle Cliff Lodge. Our yoga retreat’s lodging is in Wind River Lodge (includes 9 meals; mountain rustic, hotel-style with 2 queen beds, full bath, private balcony with spectacular views, up to 5 people per room; $189 per night excludes taxes / fees) and Eagle Cliff Lodge (includes 9 meals; economy shared rooms up to 6 people per room and private 3/4 baths; $159 per night excludes taxes / fees). See YMCA’s reservation portal for details.

  5. If you have a known roommate(s), please include their name(s) on the “Guest Information” page under the section called “Special Remarks (if any).” This will ensure that roommates have meal packages.

  6. If you are sharing a room, only one person needs to reserve the room.

  7. If you are looking for a roommate, please fill out this form. Within 24 hours of filling out the form, you will be emailed access to a Response Spreadsheet where you may reach out to other individuals who have indicated that they would like to share a room. It is your responsibility to secure a roommate(s). 

  8. If you are sharing a room, one person pays for the room and the roommate(s) pay back the individual who reserved the room.

  9. The YMCA requires a 35% deposit on the room to reserve it and payment in full at the time of check in.

  10. If you would like to extend your stay at the Estes Park YMCA on either side our yoga retreat, you may add dates on to your reservation by calling the YMCA directly (after you reserve your room). 970-586-3341 or 888-613-9622

    If you have additional questions about Lodging, please see our FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I register to attend Samudra Shakti 2023?

Registration for Samudra Shakti is a two-step process.

Step #1 – Choose your experience then purchase your Event ticket.

A. Full Retreat – $375

B. Retreat + Intensive Study  
Samudra Shakti has Intensive topics you may choose to add to your retreat experience. For an additional cost of $165, you receive additional concentrated study with one of these master-level teachers. 

Intensive Study (optional)
Dr. Lorin Roche – The Radiance Sutras Experience

Tiffany Wood – Observation Skills & Adjustments for Asana Teachers  

Madhuri Martin & Judyth Hill – Atomic Bliss – Experiential Tantra
$165 Intensive up charge is automatically added on to your Retreat ticket

Step #2 – Reserve your lodging via Estes Park YMCA reservation portal. Enter the exact dates of Samudra Shakti – September 17-20, 2023. Use Group Code: 1052429.

For detailed instructions on “how to” reserve your room, go here.

We have accommodations ranging from private rooms with spectacular views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to shared accommodations for those on a budget. All lodging includes 3 nights stay and 9 meals (dinner on Sunday through lunch on Wednesday).

Watch this video to see a typical 2-bed room at our venue – Estes Park YMCA.

Lodging reservations must be made as soon as you decide to attend the event. Reserve immediately to ensure availability of the accommodations you want. Room reservation deadline is August 31st.

I have a roommate request. What’s the best way to arrange our stay together?

How you arrange a roommate(s) depends on the following.

I know the roommate(s) I wish to stay with.
One of you will be the registered name and financial contact with the YMCA, responsible for paying the 35% registration fee up front, and the full lodging fees at check-in. Independently, you arrange for lodging payment among yourselves. The financial agreement is between you and your selected roommate(s).

I am looking for a roommate(s).
Join our Facebook Event to coordinate with other attendees. Post your in our Facebook Event that you are looking for a roommate(s).

Also, if you are looking for a roommate, please fill out this form. Within 24 hours of filling out the form, you will be emailed access to a Response Spreadsheet where you may reach out to other individuals who have indicated that they would like to share a room. It is your responsibility to secure a roommate(s). 

If you need additional help securing a room mate, contact by email Madhuri Martin

What’s the difference between a Samudra Shakti “Retreat” event ticket and an “Intensive” program?

Our 4-day Samudra Shakti retreat offers over 27 hours of formal workshop time including meditation, asana, philosophy, music and more.  As well, our retreat is structured with ample free time for you to enjoy hikes, specialty crafts, games, quiet time for reflection, and gatherings. Choose your level of participation in the subjects that thrill you. Each day, craft your perfect retreat experience based on how you are feeling. You are free to choose. All offerings (except Intensives) are included with your “Retreat” ticket. 

You may also choose to participate in an “Intensive” within our Samudra Shakti “Retreat” program. Intensives offer additional concentrated study in one of our specialty topics with master teachers who have honed their specialty over decades of dedicated study and teaching.

I purchased a Retreat event ticket. Do I need to sign up for the individual offerings on the Schedule that I would like to attend?

No, you do not need to sign up for each individual session you would like to attend on our 4-day yoga Retreat. You have the freedom to pick and choose each day what you want to do based on how you feel. Our meeting spaces have ample room.

I already purchased a Samudra Shakti Retreat Event ticket. Now I realize that I would like to add an Intensive. How do I pay the additional fee?

Great idea!  Please contact Madhuri Martin by email. She will send you a link to add and pay the additional up charge for the Intensive you desire.

I want to look for off-site lodging like an Airbnb. Will I save money? What is YMCA lodging like?

Your Estes Park YMCA lodging includes all your meals. It’s a hard deal to beat as off-site lodging in Estes Park can be expensive. As well, food establishments outside of the YMCA require additional time and travel.

To make your retreat experience easy and stress-free, we encourage you to stay on-site at the Estes Park YMCA

All rooms in the YMCA’s Wind River Lodge are spacious, mountain rustic, hotel-style with two queen beds, a full bath and a private balcony with spectacular views. Watch this video to see what a typical room looks like at the Estes Park YMCA. Note: As of August 30, Wind River Lodge is full. Rooms are still available in Eagle Cliff Lodge.

Eagle Cliff Lodge is our economy, shared-rooms with up to 6 people per room and private ¾ baths. Choose what fits your budget. Lodging details can be found on our YMCA lodging page.

Samudra Shakti will emphasize our confluence (Samudra), our coming together to build a strong, passionate community of like-minded hearts. The conference has a lot of scheduled, “community time.” The connections built by staying on site, networking, mingling, creating relationships and co-participation, is the reason we are coming together. We strongly encourage you to arrange your lodging at the YMCA.

If you choose to stay off-site, you will be charged an additional $25 per day ($100 total) which is the YMCA required day-use fee.

How do I get to Estes Park YMCA?

We have an awesome “Welcome Guide” that will answer all your pre-travel, travel, and on-site logistics questions. Check it out!

Download our Welcome Guide

As well, we created a highlighted map of our Samudra Shakti venue to help you locate buildings while on your retreat.

Download our Venue Map

Does the YMCA meal plan offer vegan / vegetarian options?

Vegan and vegetarian options will be available at every meal.

How do I coordinate a Ride Share to the Estes Park YMCA?

Join our Facebook Event to coordinate a Ride Share with other attendees. Feel welcome to post your request.

Also, fill out this Ride Share form. Within 24 hours of filling out the form, you will receive a link to a Response Spreadsheet. It is your responsibility to coordinate with others so that you have transportation to and from the event.

For more information about travel and logistics, download our “Welcome Guide.”

I need to cancel. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that the unexpected has happened. We will miss having you with us. Cancellation is a 2-step process.

Step #1 Cancel your Retreat Ticket by emailing Madhuri Martin.

Samudra Shakti Retreat & Intensive Cancellation Policy
Before July 10th –  70% refunded
July 10th or after – 40% refunded
No refunds after September 8

Step #2 Cancel your lodging with the Estes Park YMCA by calling the YMCA at 800-777-9622.

Estes Park YMCA Lodging Cancellation Policy
For YMCA lodging, you will have made a 35% deposit to hold your reservation.

Before August 15th – 75% of your 35% deposit will be refunded
From August 15th onward – you forfeit 100% of your deposit. 

If the YMCA does not receive notice of your cancellation by September 16th, you will be charged the entire amount of your lodging fees for your entire reservation.

I want to volunteer at the Retreat.

Great! We would love help with event set-up, break-down, and welcoming attendees prior to an individual class or workshop you may be attending. Please email Madhuri Martin if you are willing to lend us a hand.

I have another question. Whom do I contact?

If you have additional questions about Samudra Shakti, please email Madhuri Martin, our committee chairperson and event host.

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