Subject Matter Specialist and Guest Teacher Guidelines

The following guidelines are for Guest Teachers, Subject Matter Specialists and Anusara teacher trainers who invite these teachers to be part of their teacher trainings. Please note that the first column are the guidelines regarding Guest Teachers and the second column indicates the guidelines for Subject Matter Specialists.

Please note the definition of the different roles and teaching titles in an Anusara Teacher Training:

  • Lead Teacher Trainer: The main Anusara Teacher Trainer who has been approved to lead the particular 200/300-hour training and has registered the training. This teacher’s name should appear on the trainee’s 200/300-hour training diploma.
  • Co-Teacher Trainer: An Anusara Teacher Trainer who is invited to lead portions of the training that they are approved to teach. Or a Certified Anusara Teacher who is invited to teach elective modules in a 300-hour Anusara Teacher Training.
  • Subject Matter Specialist: See number 1 in the table below.
  • Guest Teacher: See number 1 in the table below.
  • Assistant: Assistants help teacher trainers with miscellaneous tasks required for planning and managing a teacher training. They are not permitted to teach the teacher training but they may serve as a second set of eyes and hands during demonstrations, adjustments, student activities and overall class management during the teacher training.
  • Apprentice: An Anusara Inspired or Certified teacher can serve as an apprentice in the 200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. In this role an apprentice is studying the curriculum and preparing to teach Immersion and Teacher Training while fulfilling the role of Assistant to the lead teacher as well as teaching small portions of the training in the presence of the lead trainer as a Guest Teacher.
  • Observer: Observers are invited or enroll in a training in order to learn how to lead teacher trainings. They are not so much there to learn the content of the training but to understand how the teacher trainer develops and leads their trainings.
  • Student: A student is the person enrolled in an Anusara training whose intention is to learn, understand and be inspired by the content and practices being presented by the teacher.
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Guest Teacher (GT)Subject Matter Specialist (SMS)
1. Definition & PrerequisitesA teacher invited by the lead Anusara teacher trainer to teach a small portion of the training.

Prerequisites: Invitation to teach by Anusara teacher trainer.
A teacher who is a specialist in a specialized field of yoga. May be invited by lead Anusara trainer to teach a section of a training that falls under their area of specialization (including required and elective 300-hour training modules). May also run their own Elective modules independently (registration required)

i) Minimum 5 years teaching experience in their field of specialization
ii) Proof of training certificate or diploma in the specialization they are applying for
iii) Each applicant must provide the name of the Anusara Teacher Trainer who has invited them to teach in their teacher training. If applying without affiliation to a teacher training, a recommendation by an Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher (ECAT) will be required.
2. Anusara Membership Required? NoYes. “SMS membership”
3. Application process required?NoYes.
– Online Application form  + application fee (per specialization). 
– Maximum 2 specializations
– One (1) annual membership fee
4. Application and Annual Fees Required? NoYes. (See Fee schedule)
One-time Application Fee (per subject)
Annual Membership Fee
5. Is an invitation by the lead teacher trainer required to be able to offer Anusara training credit hours?Yes200-hour Teacher Training: Yes
300-hour Teacher Training (Required Modules): Yes
300-hour Teacher Training (Elective hours): No
6. Is Lead Teacher Trainer required to be present in the class while GT/SMS is teaching?YesNo
7. Total number of hours that can be taught by GT/SMS in a 200-hour Anusara teacher training:Maximum 4 hours per 100-hours of training can be taught by guest teachers.
(Eg: Guest teacher A + Guest teacher B + Guest teacher C = 4 hours or less)
Maximum 8 hours per 100-hours of training can be led by subject matter specialists.
(Eg: Specialist A + Specialist A + Specialist A = 8 hours or less)
8. Total number of hours that can be taught by GT/SMS in a 300-hour Anusara Teacher Training:Maximum 5% of the hours offered in a 300-hour TT (including maximum of 4 hours per required/elective module) can be taught by guest teachers.Required modules: No maximum at this time.

Elective modules: No maximum at this time. However, an Anusara student can collect up to 36 elective credit hours by one single SMS per 300-hour training.
9. (While respecting #7) GT/SMS are allowed to teach the following subjects in a 200-hour or 300-hour teacher training:Core subjects: Anatomy, philosophy, meditation, pranayama 

Electives: Any subject not part of core Anusara curriculum or curriculum templates
200-hour teacher training: SMS can only teach within their specialized subject(s).

300-hour Require modules: A SMS can be invited to lead the following modules- Anatomy, Pranayama, Mediation, Philosophy provided the subject is their field of specialization. (ECAT teacher trainer is responsible for providing their SMS with the required course materials).

300-hour Elective modules: A SMS can lead workshops/trainings within their field of specialization worth Anusara elective credit
10. Does GT/SMS need to register their trainings?No. Lead Teacher Trainer is responsible for registering the 200/300-hour teacher trainings they invite an SMS to teach in.*Yes, for independent elective trainings. SMS is responsible for registering their independently offered specialized workshops/trainings. 

*No, for Anusara teacher trainings hosted or led by an Anusara teacher trainer. Lead Teacher Trainer is responsible for registering the 200/300-hour teacher trainings they invite an SMS to teach in.
*SMS are required to register their independently hosted elective trainings or workshops. These workshops must align with their area of specialization. Registration helps us maintain record of valid Anusara credited courses and provides SMS teachers with a free event listing on our website’s Heart of Anusara Worldwide Events Calendar
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If you are an Anusara teacher trainer and would like to apply on behalf of a specialist you are inviting to teach in your program, or for any questions regarding this policy please contact our Director of Professional Development at:

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