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Gisela Vazquez


Gisela Vazquez

I started practicing meditation on my own at home with an old book of my father´s hippie times, and I soon realized I needed to receive guidance. I met my first yoga teacher in 1995 and from then on I have continued deepening my meditation practice which I find crucial and transformational.

I became an Anusara Certified teacher in 2010.

I met Anusara through my Meditation Master and I did thousands of hours in trainings. What I love the most about yoga is that technique and asana are ways of delight but it is not the goal, the goal for me is in every second you live to give your heart, to embrace whatever comes and to know that you are supported by Grace!  The goal is when you root yourself in the sweetness of the heart, that space that is soft and the strongest.  I love going beyond the limits and deepening in each practice.  I love details of alignment but that is just an instrument and what is most important to me is to dive into the delight of the heart !!!


I teach Immersions and teacher trainings in Madrid and San Sebastián and I have done them for many years in Barcelona as well.

I teach intensives  Master classes and Meditations sessions around Europe.

My specialization is in Therapeutics.



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C/ Naves 14C, Madrid 28019 Spain