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Piero Vivarelli

Piero Vivarelli


In 1994 I met my Spiritual Guru and thus I began my spiritual journey through yoga, which led me to spend a lot of time in ashrams, including two full years in India  (from 1997 to 1999). In 1996 I met John Friend, and in 2000 I decided to commit myself to Anusara Yoga. I trained directly with John and in 2005 I became an Anusara Certified teacher.  In the same year I quit my formal job as a professional journalist and opened my own yoga studio in Bologna.

I have been very lucky to study directly with great hatha yoga teachers Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, Sianna Shermann, Jim and Ruthie Bernaert, Jayendra Halley and with amazing scholars of Tantra and Yoga philosophy Mark Dyczkowski, Bill Mahony, Carlos Pomeda, and Paul Muller Ortega.

I have a full schedule teaching  at AtmaStudio in Bologna, and I teach Anusara workshops, Anusara Immersions and Anusara Teacher Trainings around Europe since 2006.  I feel very honored and excited to continue to share my experience as part of the Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainings.


Upcoming Advanced Teacher trainings in 2017:

Jan 28-29  Sequencing with Alessandra di Prampero

Feb 18-19 Teaching Pranayama

March 18-19 Teaching Meditation with Andrea Boni

May 6-7     Observation and Adjustment with Andrea Boni

Here is how to contact Piero:

.  info@pierovivarelli.it

www.pierovivarelli.it; www.atmastudio.it