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Adam Ballenger has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, is presently in a Masters of Science degree program in Kinesiology, earned a 500-hour ERYT and is an Adjunct Professor of Yoga Studies at Salt Lake Community College.

Adam is an Anusara Yoga certified teacher, an Anusara Yoga Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer (CATT), an Anusara Subject Matter Specialist (SMS – anatomy, bio-mechanics, kinesiology related programs) and has been instructing for about 21 years.

After studying yoga to help with physical rehabilitations in the early 90′s, the second half of the 90`s offered traveling opportunities that allowed Adam to practice yoga across the country and take classes from a great variety of instructors and styles.

“Yoga has been the greatest gift in my celebrations of life as well as my struggles and challenges in life.”

In 1998 Adam was introduced to Arizona Yoga and Art, a studio of primarily Anusara Certified instructors owned and headed by Desiree Rumbough at the time. With Desiree’s influence, mentoring and teaching, Anusara Yoga became Adam’s primary practice and study. Since his introduction, Adam has experienced numbers of teacher training, intensives, retreat weeks, immersions and seminars from a variety of Anusara instructors including John Friend. Adam has also enjoyed the study under Paul Mueller Ortega since 2007 and is incredibly grateful for Paul’s guidance. Yoga has continually proven to be a great part of healing and re-learning for Adam from his personal life and intense medical situations to everyday situations. The integration of life and practice has helped to extend yoga practice off the mat.

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday, 9:15 Centered City Yoga
Monday, 11:45 Steiner Aquatic Center – Seniors
Tuesday, 9:15 The Yoga Center of Holliday
Tuesday, 11:15 Millcreek Community Rec Center, – Seniors
Tuesday, 5:35 Centered City Yoga
Wednesday, 9:15 Centered City Yoga
Wednesday, 11:45 Steiner Aquatic Center – Seniors
Thursday, 9:15 The Yoga Center of Holliday
Thursday, 11:15 Millcreek Community Rec Center, – Seniors
Thursday, 5:35 Centered City Yoga

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Adam Ballenger