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For Tiffany, “Yoga is looking within and loving what’s there.” The path of yoga began in 1996 for opened her to the gifts of tenacity, surrender, and reverence for life. She is passionate about helping people dive into the power of radical self-acceptance. A Certified Anusara© yoga teacher, she holds space for learning to be playful and connected to the source of wisdom that flows. Teaching an integrated approach to living life with skill, she combines Universal Principles of Alignment, Tantra, applied anatomy, yoga therapy, mythology, mantra and meditation to the art of transformation. Tiffany draws upon experience from owning a small business, extensive training as a body worker, life coach, and shamanic healing arts. She has the unique ability to cultivate community by inspiring students to look within and love what’s there. Tiffany serves ASHY as director of Community Relations, a certification assessor, and a proud Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer!Tiffany is currently the USA representative of the Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga policies and procedures committee and a certification assessor.

Weekly Class Schedule

Live ONLINE Zoom: Monday @ 5:30 PM MDT, Anusara Mixed Level
Live ONLINE Zoom: Thursday @ 5:30 PM MDT, Anusara® Mixed Level
Live ONLINE Zoom: Saturday @ 9:00 AM MDT, Anusara® Level 2
Live ONLINE Zoom: Sunday @ 7:00 PM MDT, Anusara Gentle
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What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

Blowing my mind over and over again with the continued unfolding of the UPA’s within my own practice and watching students all over the world expand into greater fullness as they embrace the science of bio-mechanics! Add in the Tantric philosophy…and WOW – Namah! This is high level yoga met by an incredibly wise and loving KULA!

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

I get to show up in my highest Self over and over again – Share – Receive…its all a part of the magic!

Why do you license with Anusara?

The support of this unbelievably committed team of experts, teachers, and seekers on the path is who I choose to align with! I’m all about “by the teachers and for the Kula!”

Displayed Name

Tiffany Wood