Anusara Around the World

Our robust network of amazing volunteer Country Coordinators play a vital role in the School! They keep information flowing from the teachers in their country to the School’s Board of Directors, staff, and committees. They also communicate important information from the School and the Board to teachers. This two-way communication helps us all stay connected and up-to-date on all the wonderful things happening in our busy School!

Stefania Catellani

Thank you to Stefania Catellani for her service as Co-Coordinator with Marianna Bertolazzi. Stefania brought her passion for Anusara yoga and her love of her country to this role.

She will be replaced by Elena Bussolati. Welcome, Elena, and thank you for stepping into this role.

Thank you to Karina Sauro who worked patiently and tirelessly to expand the Anusara community of teachers and students in Argentina!

Welcome to Vanina Perera and Julieta Mari, who will take over where Karina left off!  They will bring new energy and ideas to this role.

Thank you to Madhuri Martin, who with Lisa Long and Deb Payne organized an unforgettable teachers’ gathering in October 2019 and then went on with Lisa to create Samudra Shatki Online. Madhuri isn’t going far, but we will miss her in this role!

If you are interested in serving in this role for the USA and/or would like more information: Contact Aline Franco Flores, Administrative Associate, at It’s a great way to get to know other teachers and bring us together in new and fun ways!

Both countries would benefit from having a Country Coordinator. Are you interested? Email today!