Anusara Licensing Corner – 4th Edition Anusara Marga

Professional Development Highlights

Cara Zaruba Butler Certified™ Anusara ® Yoga Teacher 

Director of Professional Development

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga 


Greetings Anusara! I am thrilled to be in my new position as Director of Professional Development for the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. For several years prior I have been an Assessor. I loved coaching teachers during the Certification process. Recently, I was on a face-time call with Mika Chang from Japan and realized that despite the county or the culture, we all speak Anusara. 

I often hear teachers ask, “What does Anusara do for me?” The School’s paradigm has shifted from one person financially supporting the school with a large full-time staff to a teacher led non-profit organization.

Anusara is YOU, it is ME, it is all of US as a collective. I know I was fairly clueless to the amount of hard work, effort and dedication that it takes MANY people to maintain the School and grow it. Now that I am “on the inside,” allow me to briefly answer that question: what the School does for ME.

Supports teachers’ professional development

  • Create and improve curriculum for teacher trainings 
    • Create and launch in early 2020 a NEW Universal Class Assessment tool to the Assessors, which allows for the teacher and the Assessor to use same review materials that are clear, concise and objective. 
    • Streamlined the Inspired License process to 3 easy steps (see below)
    • Streamlined the Certified License process to 6 steps (see below) 
    • Protects the intellectual property of our teachings
  • Supports Samavesha and country-based gatherings 
  • Finances, maintains and improves the website including your page 
  • Develops corporate sponsorships such as YogaVibes
  • Develops and creates “Anusara Marga: the Path of Anusara Yoga,” the School’s online magazine
  • Monitors and supports social media content 
  • Creates and markets the “I Am Anusara” fundraising campaign
  • Registers with Yoga Alliance to support teachers and trainings in the Anusara method 

And much more……Just ask me and I will share!

Now let me ask you: What do you want to do for our School? If you have a special gift .talent or passion, please consider volunteering a few hours a month or maybe just work on one project. For example, Help market and grow Anusara in your area or plan Samavesha in Bath, United Kingdom, in September 2020. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to hear more volunteer opportunities or if you have an idea: I look forward to hearing from you! 

From my heart to yours,