Teacher Trainer & Co-Trainer Application form

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Thank you for choosing to share your knowledge of Anusara Yoga with others as a lead Anusara teacher trainer or co-teacher trainer.

Approved Lead trainers and co-trainers are eligible to have access to and teach Anusara teacher training curricula.

Please read the information below and complete this application before leading or co-teaching your first Anusara Immersion and/or Teacher Training.

There is no fee associated with this application.

Application Prerequisites:

Please submit your application once you have completed all three (3) of the following prerequisites:

  1. One (1) year teaching experience as a Certified Anusara teacher
  2. Led a 15-hours of workshops on the Universal Principles of Alignment™
  3. a) Assisted in one full round of either the 100-hour Immersion or 100-hour basic Anusara teacher training. -OR- b) Have a CAT/ECAT mentor who is willing to help mentor and guide you in the planning and teaching of your teacher training (name of mentor must be provided at time of applying).

If you do not yet meet the above prerequisites you may be able to participate in a training in a different capacity. Click here to read more about it.

Anusara curricula and programs available to teacher trainers:

  • Certified Anusara Teacher (CAT) trainers and Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher (CAT) trainers may lead:
    • 200-hour Anusara teacher training (including the 100-hour Immersion and 100-hour Teacher Training)
    • Women and Yoga (300-hour elective module)
    • Yoga and Seniors (300-hour elective module)
    • You may develop and lead a training using the Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga – Teacher’s Guide
  • ECAT level teacher trainers may lead:
    • 36-Hour Anusara Bridge program
    • The nine (9) 300-hour teacher training required modules

Registering your teacher training: 

All immersions, teacher trainings and 300-hr required modules must be registered with our School in order to be able to offer full Anusara credit. The training registration fee for all trainings registered with the Anusara School of Hatha yoga is 2.5% of the total tuition is due within 30-days from the end date of your training (minus V.A.T and any studio rental fees that were included as part of your students tuition)

The School recommends that all teacher trainers purchase the video “Building Inspiration – Planning your first Immersion”. Available HERE

Are you also a member of Yoga Alliance.org?

If you are an E-RYT500 member of Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org) you can request to be listed as a lead trainer under our School’s Yoga Alliance profile. This will give you access to Yoga Alliance approved certificates that you can give to your students so that they can apply for a Yoga Alliance membership as well as an Anusara yoga membership. Please contact our Licensing Specialist, Ory Brown to request your listing at ory@anusarayoga.com

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