Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher

What is an Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher?

A licensed Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher (AIT) has studied Anusara yoga for at least two years; has at least two years of teaching experience and has completed either the 200-hour Anusara Teacher Teacher Training or the 300-hour Advanced Anusara Teacher Training. 

Anusara-Inspired yoga teachers are dedicated to refining their skills as yoga teachers. As such many become Anusara-Inspired teachers as a way to progressively move forward towards becoming Certified Anusara yoga teachers. Many are also trained in other styles of yoga but have chosen to specialize in Anusara yoga.  

Have yoga teacher training in another system or school?

Teachers who have already completed a 200-hour teacher training in another style of yoga are eligible to apply for Anusara-Inspired licensing after completing the 36-Hour Anusara Bridge Program and 300-hour Anusara Advanced Teacher Training program.  

Applying for Anusara-Inspired Teacher License:

Anusara-Inspired licensing application prerequisites: 

For already licensed Anusara Elements teachers: 

  • 2 years teaching as an Anusara Elements teacher

For yoga teachers who completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in another style of yoga, you will need to complete one (1) of the following:

  • 2 years teaching experience & Completion of 200-hour Anusara Teacher Training
  • Completion of the 300-hour Anusara Teacher Training (including the 36-hour Anusara Bridge program prerequisite to enter certain 300-hour programs)

The Anusara-Inspired 3 part Licensing process: 

  1. Application
    • Complete application form
    • Pay application fee
  2. Have a Certified Anusara teacher/mentor view your class and approve you for Certification Process using the Universal Class Assessment Form (Certified teacher must send completed form to
  3. License purchase 
    • Sign license agreement contract
    • Payment of annual license fee
Applauding the Anusara Inspired yoga teacher licensing.

With the completion of this licensing process, the candidate has earned the legal right to use the trademarked title of Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher and can begin teaching Anusara-Inspired or Anusara yoga classes.

With the license teachers can have their profile listed in the Anusara Teacher Directory. Your licensing includes a beautiful certificate with your new designation. Additionally, you will receive an electronic certificate.

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