Community Resiliency

Cultivate Compassion & Inspire Collaboration



Led by Anusara-Certified™ teacher Tiffany Wood, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Community Relations Team helps to ensure harmonious relationships throughout the School’s five global regions by building a conflict-resilient community.

ASHY’s goal is to have at least two members from each of the School’s global regions on the Team. ASHY is now accepting applications for those wishing to be part of the team.   

Members of the CR Team are highly encouraged to participate in a 3-day intensive training led by mediation and conflict resolution expert John Kinyon.



The School’s Community Resiliency Framework, developed by Anusara-Certified™ teachers Kim Friedman and Tiffany Wood, is the Team’s primary tool. It deals with the inevitability of conflict in any organization and how it can be managed to create growth and transformation. Click here to read about it in greater detail.

As explained in the Framework, “conflict is simply the gap between what we want and what we are experiencing at any point in time. This gap generates energy because humans are highly motivated to close the gap because it isn’t comfortable. This emotional discomfort can motivate people to expend lots of energy.” (Source: Interview with Nate Regier, co-founding owner and chief executive officer of Next Element)

The Framework is an acknowledgment that conflict is a natural and inevitable part of any vibrant community. When channeled effectively, conflict is a positive and transformative source of energy from which our community will continue to grow and evolve.

Click here to view the CRF Executive Summary.

Click here to access the Full Framework document.  ASHY licensed teachers are eligible to receive the Framework document at no charge.




If you or someone you know within the Anusara community is experiencing conflict, the Community Relations Team encourages you to first complete a self-assessment to help determine next steps. Click here for the  CRF Self-Inquiry form

If the conflict cannot be resolved among the individuals concerned, you may request assistance from the Community Relations Team. To submit a request, complete this form and send it to  Click here to request support.