Universal Principles of Alignment

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        The Universal Principles of Alignment™ (UPAs) are a set of biomechanical principles that can be applied to all physical positions and postures in order to bring the body into alignment with the Optimal Blueprint.   The UPAs alternate between energetic expansion and contraction, reflecting the universal pulsation.    These five sequential steps …

1) help the practitioner set their heart intention and align with the Supreme;
2) draw in for steadiness and to connect the parts;
3) refine the flow of energy to create an opening and flow;
4) recommit the containment to lock in and
5) channel the energy from the inside out evenly in all directions.

Below you will find separate links to each of the five Universal Principles of Alignment.   They are presented in a way that helps the Anusara teacher fully understand the spectrum of the UPAs so they can be mastered and taught more effectively:

•   What it is •   Feeling Elements •   Why we do the alignment •   Alignment Steps & Commands •   Physical Effects •   Energetic Effects •   Alignment Relative to Other UPAs and Loops •   Specific verbal prompts to create this action •   Poses most affected •   Teaching Exercises

Anusara Heart

1. Set the Foundation & Open to Grace (OTG)

2. Muscle Energy (M/E)

3. Inner – Expanding Spiral (I/S)

4. Outer – Contracting Spiral (O/S)

5. Organic Energy (O/E)


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