women practice yoga online in their homes and save with a yogavibes subscription

Anusara Classes on YogaVibes

Bring high quality Anusara classes into your home and save on a YogaVibes subscription. YogaVibes is an online video platform that offers yoga enthusiasts exceptional practices. YogaVibes offers

  • daily live classes
  • on demand classes.

    In addition, enjoy world class teachers on Anusara Yoga’s channel with new content regularly added. Take advantage of diverse offerings from asana classes to lectures on topics such as our school’s non-dual tantra philosophy.

    Furthermore, as an added bonus, you may access all the spectacular offerings from our online Samavesha 2020. While most classes are in English, some classes are in German and Spanish.
asian woman on her computer to save on her subscription to yogavibes

Save on your Subscription to YogaVibes

Anusara students, family, and friends, save 15% off of any monthly or annual subscription. Use the coupon code: anusarayoga (all lower case with no space between the words).

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Special Deal for Anusara Licensed Teachers

As a perk, Anusara licensed teachers receive an additional discount for a YogaVibes subscription.

For the Anusara teachers discount code or to learn how to teach on Yoga Vibes, click below and sign in with your Teachers’ Lounge username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YogaVibes?

YogaVibes is a subscription based online video platform with a huge library of on demand yoga classes designed for students of all levels and yoga traditions. Classes are taught by highly trained teachers, professionally filmed and edited, and organized by level and style in an easy to understand format.

Where can I watch YogaVibes?

You may stream YogaVibes classes on your laptop, desktop, mobile device and TV. With YogaVibes, you may practice anywhere and at anytime.

How do I apply to teach on YogaVibes?

If you are an Anusara licensed teacher, please log into the Teachers’ Lounge for additional information.

Is there a discount code for YogaVibes?

Yes! Use the discount code: anusarayoga (all one word and lower case) to receive a 15% discount on all monthly and annual subscriptions for YogaVibes.

How do I save on a subscription to YogaVibes?

You may use the discount code: anusarayoga (one word with no spaces and all lower case) if you are a yoga student, friend, or family member. You may share this discount code with others. If you are a licensed Anusara teacher, please visit and log into the Teachers’ Lounge for your discount code.