A New Principles Course Curriculum that Anusara-Inspired™ Teachers Can Teach

As of November 1st, 2021, Anusara-Inspired teachers will be permitted to lead workshops on the Universal Principles of Alignment™ (UPAs).

The UPA workshop was previously reserved for Certified Anusara Teachers. However, as our School has evolved, we recognize that Anusara-Inspired teachers have the required experience to effectively lead students through a UPA workshop. We also believe that this is a positive change towards sharing Anusara yoga with the world while maintaining our excellent educational standards.

If you are an Anusara-Inspired teacher, offering this workshop will:

  • Give your students the opportunity to study Anusara yoga in more depth
  • Strengthen your understanding of the UPAs 
  • Refine your ability to teach the UPAs in a meaningful way in your group classes
  • Prepare you for more advanced Anusara teacher training studies, the Certification Process, and for leading Anusara teacher trainings as a Certified Anusara teacher.

When you are ready to lead your UPA workshop, simply list your event (for FREE) in the Heart of Anusara Online Events calendar (event submission forms are in the Teachers’ Loungeyou must log in first to see the page)

Anusara Elements teachers who have been teaching for more than 2 years are invited to have their class evaluated by a Certified Anusara teacher and apply for Anusara-Inspired to start teaching this course.


Jeannine Plaiche,

Director of Professional Development, 

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga