Country Coordinators’ Reflections on 2021

I have to say that after this year, I feel this resilient part of me more strongly that I didn’t see before.”

Ericka Vera, Country Coordinator in Peru

“Last year (2021) was a year of great achievements for me, despite all the obstacles caused by the coronavirus and its side effects!  On one hand, I had surgery again to be able to turn the page with the fight against cancer! And on the other hand, I have finally opened the long-awaited yoga studio that I have long wished I had!! During this process of achievements, I always had a phrase in my mind and in my heart: ‘Keep clear, everything is where it has to be.’” 

Stella Iglesias, Country Coordinator for Spain

“The highlight of 2021 for me was, among all the lockdown difficulties, the process of finally becoming a Certified teacher. I needed to ask for support, and I got it from students offering to be in my videos, to colleagues loaning me books and encouraging the process, to mentors taking the time and giving me helpful feedback. And what I got was the feeling of community. By participating in the process, I showed myself and got to know others, and they got to celebrate in my process, too.  I have been the recipient of so much generosity in 2021.  I am all aglow with the light of gratitude.  There is a kula, and I now truly feel a part of it.”

Leah Kline, Country Coordinator in the Netherlands

“One of my highlights from last year was teaching yoga to kids and teenagers. And just before Christmas, I had a lot of gratitude themes in my classes in November…Christmas is not just about the presents we get, but being thankful for what we have….  After our first class in January, one of the girls [in my class] showed me [her] gratitude journal, which she had started. And I thought it was so cool. And she wrote down the things she is thankful for, and also the things she can do for others….it made me so happy to see that.”

Daniela Jaron,  Country Coordinator in Belgium

“My highlight last year on my yoga journey was the ATT modules I took with Jayendra [Hanley] and Karen [Sprute-Francovich)]… More than one of the topics just clicked in my heart AND in my brain and it actually changed the way I see things about the pandemic.”

Julia Schlenkert, Country Coordinator in Germany

“I’m grateful for online teaching…. I’ve been taking online philosophy classes in Spanish with Carlos Pomeda. It seems to me that I can finally open through the words, I can open to the heart of Anusara through my native language. Before I never really clicked with the philosophy. I always have a hard time teaching it and understanding it….[I’ve taken classes] with Carlos before in English, but it’s not the same. So I’m very, very thankful for online teaching. I’ve also been in contact with lots of Latin American teachers, which makes my journey even more exciting. So I’m very thankful for the Corona opportunity of making us stay connected online.”

Letizzia Wastavino, Country Coordinator in Austria
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