Who is the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga? Who started it? Who owns it?

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is an international organization that is responsible for creating and maintaining the standards for Anusara yoga teachers worldwide. Managed by an international group of licensed Anusara yoga teachers, ASHY oversees the certification and licensing for hundreds of teachers from every corner of the globe. In August 2012, a committee of Anusara yoga teachers was invited by Anusara, Inc. to envision a way forward for those teachers that wanted to preserve the teachings and continue to provide them to students after the crisis created by founder John Friend led to the resignation of many teachers. This group, BJ Galvan, William “Doc” Savage, Jackie Prete, Christy Nones McKenzie, Jane Norton, and Bill Dorigan, were called the Teacher Advisory Committee or TAC. The TAC realized pretty quickly that the best way forward would be to create a separate school of hatha yoga that would license the trademarks and intellectual property of Anusara yoga.

At that time, the TAC was made aware that our colleagues in Europe were creating a similar plan. Members of the TAC collaborated with the European teachers and out of these discussions ASHY evolved into an entirely new school of yoga. With the help of Kai Hill of Germany and Andrea Boni of Italy, global school with regional representation and participation at every level was designed. Day to day affairs of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga are managed by a corporation, First Principle, Inc. whose principals are certified teachers BJ Galvan of Arizona and Doc Savage of South Dakota, and Jane Norton of Massachusetts. ASHY’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy and guiding the school’s vision. The BoD contains an elected representative from each global region, the Team Leaders from the Certification and Curriculum Teams, and two members of First Principle, Inc.  The school has representatives from 5 distinct global regions that facilitate ASHY teacher licensing in their respective territories, with the capable and dedicated support of the Certification Team led by Jackie Prete.

In 2014, ASHY acquired all intellectual property and copyrights previously owned by Anusara, Inc. The cost to ASHY for the transfer, excluding legal fees, was $1.00 US.

I am interested in becoming an Anusara yoga teacher? Where do I start?

Our world wide community of teachers is continually growing. To find out more about the training and prerequisites needed to become an Anusara yoga teacher, please visit the Become a Teacher section of our website. Currently, there are three levels of licensure in Anusara yoga, Anusara-inspired yoga teacher and Certified Anusara yoga teacher and the new Anusara Elements™ license for recently trained teachers. With the advent of new Yoga Alliance teacher training guidelines, ASHY curriculum and certification teams have begun developing a 300 hour modular advanced teacher training program that will meet or exceed all Yoga Alliance 500 hour standards. Completion of the new 300 hour program will grant Certified Anusara yoga teacher status. ASHY is a registered school with Yoga Alliance, and will offer the designation of Certified Anusara yoga teacher trainer to all Certified teachers that meet the requirements needed to lead advanced teacher trainings.

2014 will be a year of change for yoga teacher trainings throughout the world, and ASHY is well positioned to be a leader in yoga teacher training in this new environment. Our curriculum and certification teams are dedicated to upholding the high standards of teacher training that has long been associated with Anusara yoga, while being responsive to the needs of a dynamic global community. More information on the new teacher licensing standards will be available in early 2014, and there will be a grace period for those that are on the path to certification so they complete the process under the old standards for a designated period of time.

Can teachers that resigned their license become a member of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga?

Yes, any teacher that was in good standing with Anusara Inc. in January 2012 may join and will be welcomed back.  Anyone who has not paid their 2012 licensing fees to Anusara Inc. can renew their license for the 2015 year by emailing us here. ASHY will send you a returning teachers welcome packet with information about the new organization and how to reinstate your license. After 2015, there may be some simple requirements added before lapsed teachers are reinstated, to make sure they are up to date with changes in the school’s curriculum and culture. Teachers may be asked to provide a list of Anusara classes they’ve taken since 2012 or have one of their classes reviewed by another Anusara teacher.

Where can I buy the Anusara yoga teacher training or Anusara Immersion manuals?

Individual copies of the Anusara’s Teacher Training and Immersion Manuals in English can be purchased on here. Wholesale orders are for 12 or more copies and can be mixed titles. As of 2014, all Anusara yoga teacher trainees are required to purchase the updated Immersion and Teacher Training manuals, either from this site or from the teacher leading the training. For more information, contact Sarah Christiansen at sarah@anusarayoga.com.

I was writing a book, producing a video, printing T-shirts with some of the registered material on or in them, who do I talk to?

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga holds exclusive worldwide rights to all Anusara intellectual property and trademarks. We’ll have established and published guidelines for producing products and do our best to quickly respond to all items submitted to us. We also welcome ideas from our community on how to develop products that might help ASHY grow. For more information on this, please contact admin@anusarayoga.com

If you have any other questions please contact us at info@anusarayoga.com