Resource Guide for Anusara Teachers

Welcome to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (the School) teaching faculty. As a teacher-run-school, the vibrancy of our community depends on teachers like you who are dedicated to promoting our School, the Anusara yoga practice, and maintaining the integrity of the Anusara yoga philosophy and methodology.

The following resources will provide you with networking, sharing and learning opportunities to support your professional development and connection to the school:

  • Our School’s Website
  • Teacher’s Lounge
  • Teacher Directory Profile
  • Mind Body Online
  • Teaching Tips & Tools
  • Heart of Anusara
  • Curriculum Documents
  • Anusara News
  • Anusara Marga
  • Anusara Online
    • Samudra Shakti Online
    • Mentoring Program
    • Kula Bhrājana Europe Online (coming soon…)
  • Samavesha Anusara Yoga Festival
  • Social Media
  • Volunteer
  • Become a team leader
  • Member Discounts

Our School’s Website: Everything you need to know about the school in one spot.

Teacher’s Lounge: Located in the main menu of our School’s website. The Teacher’s Lounge is a portal to your public profile and your Mind Body Online (MBO) account. It also contains other resources such as: School updates, application processes and forms, event registration forms, and interactive tools like podcasts and teaching tips. Visit here frequently to update your profile and make sure you have the most recent information. Check out the “RESOURCE” section and visit the page dedicated to your membership level.

Teacher Directory Profile: Accessed through the Teachers’ Lounge. Your profile is what will appear in the Teachers Directory. I also appears in Google searches when someone searches your name or is looking for Anusara teachers in your area. Keep your profile updated so that potential students can learn about you through our website.  

Mind Body Online: Verify you license renewal date and track your School payments and purchases through yoga Mind Body Online account. Keep your profile up to date with current e-mail and home address, and check all three (3) boxes in your profile to sign up for notifications so that you receive license renewal reminders before your license expires and important updates from the School through the Anusara News newsletter (see below). Download the app to your mobile device to view the platform in your own language.  Sign in now to update your profile.

Teaching Tips & Tools:  Looking to refresh your knowledge about the Anusara method? Check out the Anusara Teaching Tips and Tools section designed to support Anusara teacher’s Professional Development.

Heart of Anusara (event registry): A free online registry of Anusara Yoga workshops, retreats and special events around the world. Register your teacher training or list your first event now.

*All trainings that use or distribute the School’s Intellectual Property including: Immersion, Teacher Training, 300-hour teacher training required modules, and elective modules – “Women & Yoga”, “Yoga and Seniors” as “Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga” , are subject to 2.5% training registration fee. To register your training please fill out the Heart of Anusara event registration form and agree to the 2.5% registration fee that is due at the end of your training.

Curriculum Documents: If you are a teacher trainer or would like to learn about the curricula available to you please visit the curriculum page. 

Anusara News: The School’s official newsletter of important updates, new projects the School is launching, and announcement of special events. This newsletter goes out 2x/month (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month). Please add to your e-mail contact list and be sure to check all 3 notification boxes in your Mind Body Online profiled to grant us permission to send you these important e-mails.

Anusara Marga: Located in the Teachers’ Lounge, this magazine for Anusara yoga teachers. Composed of articles and blogposts by Anusara teachers, it serves as a valuable educational tool for all Anusara teachers.

Anusara Online: The place to go for School hosted online continuing education opportunities.
Here are the programs you will find there: 

      • Samudra Shakti Online: Free online continuing education webinars every second Sunday per month (8:00-9:00pm EST – New York Time). With a variety of presenters sharing their wisdom, it’s apparently the “kul-est” place to hangout. Join the next webinar or apply to present. 
      • Mentoring Program: Free online group mentoring sessions for Anusara teachers. Join the next mentoring session or apply to present as one of the mentors. 
      • Kula Bhrājana Europe Online: FREE Online continuing education, celebrating the diversity of Anusara yoga’s European Kula. 1st Sunday of every month at 20h00 CET  (Central European Time) on Zoom. 

Samavesha Anusara Yoga Festival: An annual global festival event. Apply to present or register and join in. Travel, learn, network and gather with our international community of Anusara teachers and practitioners. Invitations to present at the festival will be sent out to Anusara teachers via e-mail newsletter. Please stay tuned. 

Social Media: LIKE and subscribe to our social media pages. Comment on posts to start or join a conversation. Search each platform for your own country’s page and connect to network and promote your Anusara workshops

The following are our most successful Hashtags, follow and use them and add them to your Anusara yoga posts: #anusara #anusarayoga #anusaraschoolofhathayoga #anusaraelements #anusarainspired #anusarateacher #weareanusara

Volunteer: As a teacher-run school, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga relies on teachers like you to help in the running of the school’s operations. It’s a way of offering seva (selfless-service). Represent your country as country coordinator, assist as a committee member, offer your services as a translator in your language, or apply to be a member on the Board of Directors. Become a volunteer by submitting your request to:

  • Current seva positions now available:
    • Communications Committee – individuals interested in marketing & public relations
    • Fundraising Committee – individuals with fundraising skills & experience (donor stewardship, grant-writing, outreach, etc..)
    • Professional Development team assistants (Knowledge of Slack and Google Drive)
    • Curriculum translators (English-to-Spanish/German/Italian/Chinese/French)

Become a team leader: Our School’s programs and events were created by teachers in our global community who saw a need and wanted to become the leaders in fulfilling that need. As new ideas arise, like-minded members find each other to create the teams that grow our School. If you see an area of the School in which you would personally like to help develop, an Anusara program curriculum you would like the School’s assistance in launching, please contact the School’s liaison to the Board of Directors and Professional Development to learn more or to submit your proposal:

Member Discounts: As a member of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, Anusara teachers benefit from exclusive discounts and offers on products and services provided by our collaborators.

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