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Anusara Marga, the School’s quarterly magazine:

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Yoga schools; yoga teacher trainingA note from the Magazine Editor:

I am excited to announce the release of Anusara Marga: The Path of Anusara Yoga, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s new quarterly online magazine! While all Anusara practitioners can benefit from the magazine, it is designed with licensed Anusara® yoga teachers in mind.

This magazine is the answer to your call. The Board of Directors and Operations Team are working hard to provide this and other benefits for Anusara’s incredible teachers around the world.

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With infinite gratitude,

Laura Casini
Certified™ Anusara Yoga Teacher, Board of Directors Member & Chief Editor Anusara Marga

Anusara Margathe School’s quarterly magazine. Read it here:

4th Edition 2019

3rd Edition 2019

2nd Edition Oct 2018

1st Edition June 2018

「线上沙龙」解剖与体位法—在下犬式中平衡骨盆-Anusara Marga  –  文Greg 译Elisa  原本本源 1/16



「线上沙龙」|  脚踝环的功能研究 – Anusara Marga –  英:Adam 译:Elisa 原本本源 2019-03-14

「线上沙⻰」| 脊柱的功能运动-Anusara Marga –  英:Adam 译:Elisa 原本本源 2018-12-11




Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Yoga schools; yoga teacher training