“Anusara Marga – The Path of Anusara” [4th edition]

Dear Anusara® yoga licensed teacher,

The 4th issue of Anusara Marga: the Path of Anusara Yoga, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s online magazine, is focused on supporting you to grow and refine your teaching skills and move forward in your licensing steps. Anusara Marga was created more than one year ago to support the Anusara teachers’
community worldwide with articles that increase their knowledge and boost their enthusiasm for this practice.

This year we have had the gift of receiving knowledge from dozens of licensed teachers through beautiful and Shakti-ful articles on meditation, Dharma Marketing, “Asana Enhancers,” and news from the School and the community. We are so fortunate to be part of such a generous teachers’ community. I invite you to join me in saying a huge “thank you” to all the teachers who offer their time and knowledge on behalf of
Anusara Marga!

In the 4th issue you will find:

  • Visual and easy-to-read charts to better understand how to move from one Anusara license level to another: Element™ to Inspired™ to Certified.™
  • How to move safely and playfully into Handstand
  • Reports on the second annual “I am Anusara” fundraising campaign and other news from the School
  • Articles to inspire you in your teaching
  • A discount coupon to apply to YogaVibes and a free online video.

If you like to share your knowledge with the Anusara licensed teachers community, please feel
write to: laura@anusarayoga.com

May the Shakti enfold in your classes,

Laura Casini
Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher
Chair, Marketing Committee
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga


Anusara Licensing Corner
By Cara Zaruba Butler, Certified™ Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Director of Professional Development Anusara School of Hatha Yoga 

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Teaching Hints
By Barrie Risman


Hanging Around, Upside Down
By Benita Wolfe


Read More to Learn the Latest News
By Kim Friedman, Operations Team Coordinator, Anusara School of
Hatha Yoga


Marketing Your Authentic Self
By Kai Hill, Anusara® yoga Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer


See What Others Are Saying About “I AM ANUSARA”
By John Seelye & Lucilla Stefoni, Anusara® Elements™ teacher


Learn More About This Awesome Partnership…
By Lilian Jacobs

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