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How to Renew Your Licensed Membership

How to Renew Your Licensed Membership Step #1. SIGN IN to your Mind Body Online Account Follow along, CLICK HERE to Sign-In Forgot your password? Please contact to reset your password Step #2. Click on ONLINE STORE Step #3. Click on “Renew your Membership Here!“ & Select a Payment option from the drop-down menu […]

How to Translate the Anusara Newsletter into Your Language

How to Use the Translate Feature IN SAFARI Step 1. Open any website that is not in your language.Click on the translate icon in the top right-hand side of the browser bar. Step 2. Pick your language.You can also click “Preferred Languages” to change the languages your language settings. Please Note:You can also click “Preferred […]

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How the School Protects Your Investment and Vision for Growth as a Licensed Teacher

Dear Anusara Teacher, As a licensed Anusara teacher, you have committed to uphold high standards of integrity and alignment with Anusara’s principles and methods and our shared vision. You have invested in your own growth, personally and professionally, through the attainment of your license, continuing education and your teachings. Each year you reiterate your commitment […]

Resource Guide for Anusara Teachers

Welcome to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (the School) teaching faculty. As a teacher-run-school, the vibrancy of our community depends on teachers like you who are dedicated to promoting our School, the Anusara yoga practice, and maintaining the integrity of the Anusara yoga philosophy and methodology. The following resources will provide you with networking, […]

Professional Development Update

By Cara Zaruba Butler Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone.  I believe that we have all experienced some light or a happy moment.  I am in awe at the programs and offerings that have been quickly developed as a reaction to the pandemic.  At the end of March, the school […]

The Tapestry of the Human Body Our Fascial Network

By Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori, PhD, Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher Bindu Yoga School   I continue to be in the utmost awe of how the human body and the inner heart operate together. With an infrastructure of 206 bones, the muscular-skeletal system is an integrated model of stability and movement. Our inner heart is nothing but […]

Asana Practice Video in Chinese

A brief video practice in Chinese by Experienced Certified Anusara yoga teacher Benjamin Finnerty. 这是本杰明推荐的日常练习序列,约20-30分钟(大休息时间长短可选择)。整个序列节奏紧凑而流动不失活力,以顺位为根基,融合了多种先进的技巧,例如对肌筋膜经线的具体运用等等,能帮助有效保持身体力量和柔韧。每天一点点时间,清晨起床后、或工作的间隙,是维持身心良好的健康状态很好的方法。享受吧!

In memory of Ma Hong (Qinghong Ma)

In memory of Ma Hong (Qinghong Ma) By Ben Finnerty, Experienced Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher  It’s usually my pleasure and with a sense of pride that I talk about the teachers I’ve had the pleasure to influence during my time in China. Today, however, my heart is a little heavy writing these words, as we […]

Teaching Tips – 4th Edition Anusara Marga

The Teacher is the Gardener: Five Keys That Allow Your Students to Blossom By Barrie Risman Certified Anusara® yoga Teacher   When I taught English in China back in the mid-90s, my students gave me the Chinese name, Pei Lei. It sounds kind of like “Barrie,” right?  They said this was a good […]

Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher Directory

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