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The Power of Our Kula (Community)

Reflections after Samavesha 2023,

The beauty of our community is still vibrating in my heart several days after Samavesha 2023 closed its doors. 

As some of you know, I had been working behind the scenes since 2015, first as the Country Coordinator for Austria, and the following year as a member of the Board of Directors. During all this time at the School, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work alongside two people who represent and embody the 3 A’s of Anusara Yoga; Kim Friedman and Ory Brown.

Ory Brown has been working with us as our Member Care Specialist for 10 dedicated years and has always been committed to supporting all of our teaching members, students and practitioners around the world to maintain Anusara’s high standards. Her attitude and willingness has touched the lives of many of us. Her great sense of humor and kindness was reflected in every communication. Now the time has come for her to retire and let others do the work. Thank You Ory, you will be greatly missed.

Kim Friedman has been a fundamental pillar for our school, in her role as Executive Director. Over the past 6 years, thanks to her commitment and dedication, we were able to align and establish the foundation of the international organization that the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga has become today. We are already missing her incredible organizational skills, her leadership and friendly approach and her willingness to help others learn and become the leaders they are today. The time has come for Kim to step down from her duties and make way for the school to continue to grow along the lines that she has greatly helped to build. Thank you so much Kim for all you have done for the school and for your legacy.

During the pandemic years, we created online programs to keep our community connected, Samudra Shakti in the USA was the first, followed by Kula Bhrajana Europe and we hosted Samavesha Online for 3 years. These programs were created with the same intention to share together, connect to the Heart and keep pulsating to the rhythm of the Shakti being part of the same family, the Anusara family. 

However,  there is nothing like being together in the same place. 

Last September, Samudra Shakti gathered in person and a few weeks ago, it was Samavesha’s turn in Europe.  Participating in Samavesha made me feel so alive and vibrant again, it made me reflect on the power of our community and how important it is to share in kula.

Our gatherings are the place where we feel most clearly the true meaning of community. We gather not only to teach each other but to feel how our energies are strengthened. We gather to continue to notice how empowering is our method, how knowledgeable and wise is our kula, and how much potential and capacity there is within ourselves

There is nothing more uplifting than getting a hug and sharing from heart-to-heart what we love. We are a school, so it is really inspiring to see how our own teachers step up in their development and share what they have learned. 

As I look towards the near future I am already thinking about when will be the next time I’ll get to feel as lifted and as supported as I felt during our time together in Samavesha Spain. We had been working for so many years for our school strengthening its foundations, building its pillars, and creating a strong organization that supports the professional development of each of its members. So when we come together and look at each of us enjoying ourselves as a community, I know that all the work and effort has been worth it.

I invite each of you to be a proud representative of our method and our school. Take with you all that power, all that love, all that Shakti that we share by being together for a few days and spread it in your own communities. 

Feel our support behind every step you take in your local community, and in your own personal growth as a teacher, remembering that each of us is talented, skillful and unique, don’t be afraid to share your authentic light, because each of us is a star!

May we all be protected together, may we all grow and support each other in the natural flow of life, and may Anusara Yoga continue to flourish as a beacon of light and knowledge for the Yoga community worldwide.

With all my love and gratitude, 

Letizzia Wastavino.

Here is a practice that we can do at any time.

Important resources are available to you!

Our YouTube channel has videos available focused on different topics and presented by several of our teachers. 

We are glad to share with you our playlist focused on The Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga.

Teacher Trainers

Remember that our New 200-hour Empowerment Reviews are available upon registration for your next Immersion/Teacher Training. 

Gratitude to the curriculum writing team volunteers for completing this project: Jayendra Hanley (ECAT), Karen Prute-francovich (ECAT) and Rachel Dewan (ECAT)

We love our global community
Samavesha 2023 was an enormous success! 

Over 100 people from 12 countries spent 4 days in Barcelona, Spain, learning from each other, reconnecting, making new friends, sharing food, and laughing! 

Everyone who participated, including many of our most experienced teacher trainers, demonstrated strong adikara (studentship), curiosity, and a desire to be in the community. 

Our shared love of Anusara was a common thread throughout, which laid the foundation for a pervasive sense of unity within diversity. 

Here are some photos that illustrate the gathering’s magic:

Living our Tantric Teachings

Gisela Vazquez, this year’s Samavesha philosophy teacher, did a remarkable job applying Tantric philosophy to everyday life with such creativity that made our inspiring philosophy come alive in new ways. Thank you to Lucas Benet for translating Gisela’s presentations.

You can see more photos on the Samavesha web page.

Here are two more ways to deepen your knowledge of Anusara yoga and be part of Anusara’s global community:

  • Jayendra Hanley and Ellen Saltonstall will offer an online course on the therapeutic applications of Anusara yoga. Learn more.
  • Jacalyn Prete, Julia Pearring and Jaye Martin will offer a weekend retreat at the beautiful Kripalu Yoga Center (Massachusetts, USA) next April. Like all Anusara gatherings, this retreat is open to everyone around the world!

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