*NEW* Mentoring Program for Anusara Teachers

mentorship program

for Anusara Elements and Anusara-Inspired Teachers

Set to begin in October 2021

Anusara Elements and  Anusara-Inspired teachers–we heard your request for support and are developing a Mentoring Program just for you! 

The Mentoring Program will offer teachers group mentoring sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These sessions will be free to attend for Anusara members. Attendance will count towards continuing education hours and 300-hour teacher training program elective hours. 

We are currently working with Certified and Experienced Certified (ECAT) teachers to put together a schedule of diverse offerings in various languages. We hope to have a schedule that runs through 2022 and can continue to support Anusara Elements and Anusara-Inspired teachers in their professional development. 

More details will be available later this month!

If you are a Certified Anusara teacher or ECAT and would like to offer some time to present a mentoring session as part of our Mentoring Program, you are invited to submit an application form and become a part of our team of mentors.

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