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*NEW* Mentoring Program for Anusara Teachers

MENTORING PROGRAM for Anusara Elements and Anusara-Inspired Teachers Set to begin in October 2021 Anusara Elements and  Anusara-Inspired teachers–we heard your request for support and are developing a Mentoring Program just for you!  The Mentoring Program will offer teachers group mentoring sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These sessions will be free to attend for […]

2021 Revised Continuing Education Recommendations for Anusara Teachers

As Anusara teachers, developing our adhikara (studentship) is an essential part of our everyday practice. Developing our adhikara nurtures the conditions that give rise to revelations that allow us to see and celebrate our Divine reflection in all things.  To assist Anusara teachers in remaining engaged with their practice, our School revised its Continuing Education […]

Take your Teaching Skills to the Next Level! – 300-Hour Anusara Teacher Training

If you have already completed a 200-hour teacher training in any style of yoga, the 300-hour Anusara teacher training program may be for you.  Teachers completing this program receive:  A 300-hour Anusara teacher training certificate. The ability to teach alignment-based Hatha yoga. Those wishing to lead Anusara® yoga classes will be eligible to apply for […]

Anusara member discounts


Exclusively for Anusara Yoga Teachers! The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is excited to announce that it has begun collaborating with various organizations and companies to help bring special discounts and offers to Anusara teachers! The services and products all have the following features in common: They facilitate the businesses and lives of yoga teachers. […]

Being a County Coordinator is a blast! Now seeking a new coordinator for the USA!

Calling All Creative and Collaborative Souls in the USA! Anusara is looking for our next USA Country Coordinator.. It is not only an honor and a privilege to serve in this position – it’s great fun!!  As Country Coordinator, you are one of the prime intersection points of Anusara’s international web, meeting with Country Coordinators […]

Things you may not have known about the Teacher’s Lounge

Tour the Anusara Yoga Teacher’s Lounge The Teachers’ Lounge is full of important and interesting information!  School updates & teacher notifications Teaching resources License prerequisites Instructions on how to upgrade your license Forms to list your Anusara event to the School’s website event’s calendar Update your Anusara licensed teacher directory profile And more… Check out […]