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Align with Freedom Yoga retreat

Are you interested in your own growth and getting everything out of your life that you desire?   Do you feel there is more to you but you just don’t know how to access that? Are you tired of dramas playing out in your life and ready to take charge?   Are you looking for […]


Retiro Anusara Yoga en Campello junto al mar Avanza en tu práctica de asanas / Medita / Profundiza en la Respiración : Pranayama / Practica el Silencio / Kula : disfruta en compañía de personas con valores similares que protegen el planeta confían ene la bondad de la vida y cultivan su interior / Disfruta […]

Anusara and Controlled Articulation of the Joints through the Loops

We will explore the relationship between the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment and the tertiary seven Loops of Anusara in combination with the work of Functional Range Conditioning.  This exploration will provide a link to specific movements in asana and muscular skeletal health.  The Aim is to gain insight into the intricate Central Nervous System […]

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Join Suzanne and faculty for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance (North America) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) qualified Vinyasa Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. This training is a sincere awakening of the mind, body and Spirit as we traverse the elements of philosophy, history, science, art and methodology of yoga. Be prepared to dissolve physical and […]

Light Up Like Lakshmi!

Join Certified Anusara Yoga teacher Sarah Powell, in Bali (Indonesia) for 6 days of yoga to discover your inner Lakshmi! Did you know you are made of star dust? Did you perhaps forget that for a while? Let me re-treat you, let me remind you that you are Lakshmi – a goddess of light, love […]

Expansion Toolkit with Neesha Zollinger

Living in our modern world is a beautiful and challenging thing. With so much at our fingertips we are constantly and rapidly exposed to all things both positive and heartbreaking. Yoga offers tools to be able to live with eyes and heart open. In addition to intelligent physical practice, in this workshop we will learn […]

Refine to Reveal 300 Hour Advanced

300 Hour Advanced in Collaboration with Anatomy of Movement, a centre founded by international author and teacher Blandine Calais-Germain This 300 hour program is a curriculum established and designed by Suzanne Slocum-Gori. Expect to refine the components introduced in the 200 hour program, and additional components are incorporated into a 300 hour program to make […]

Bali Yoga Retreat with Benjamin Finnerty

a mix level yoga retreat in Bali. 2018完美静修日程安排(秋 季)agenda 9/1            到达巴厘岛。庄园司机机场迎接 arrival with transportation provided 9/2-6        静修一阶段(5天)5 days retreat 每天上午 every morning 7:30 – 8:00      清晨冥想 meditation 8:00 – 9:00      早餐 breakfast 10:00 – 12:00   瑜伽练习 yoga 12:30               中餐 lunch 每天下午 every afternoon 3:00 – 5:30      瑜伽练习+日落冥想 yoga […]


“RASA” RETIRO DE ANUSARA YOGA Rasa es la esencia, el jugo, el néctar, el sabor o la savia. Rasa está en todo. Todo es Rasa. Rasa también se puede usar para describir el estado de éxtasis en la unión con lo Divino. Este retiro será una oportunidad para reconocer, explorar y honrar los sabores de […]