6 Easy Ways to Connect with the Divine Feminine

Anusara Yoga recognizes the sacredness of divine masculine and feminine attributes. Divine Feminine Meaning As we explore easy ways to connect with the divine feminine, there’s value in establishing meaning. Here’s a few widely accepted definitions. divine – of, from, or like God or a god; excellent, delightful feminine – having qualities or appearance traditionally […]

8 Ways to Open to Grace

Gain practical ways to step into the flow of Grace with these easy actions. Open to Grace is Anusara Yoga’s First Principle in its Universal Principles of Alignment. Often tasks on the spiritual path may seem elusive, burdensome, or require us to retreat or get away in order to access the experience of inner / […]

Open to Grace

Open to Grace is a Recognition “Open to Grace” is one of Anusara Yoga’s premier gifts to the contemporary world of hatha yoga. Since its inception in 1997, Anusara Yoga practitioners begin each asana, pranayama, philosophy lecture,and community gathering with a moment of recognition, as individuals and as a collective kula, by invoking Grace.  What […]

How to Prepare to Chant the Anusara Invocation

Learn “how to prepare” when leading or participating in the Anusara Invocation. Chanting the Anusara Invocation Anusara yoga classes, workshops, and gatherings often begin with a centering. Learn how to prepare to chant the Anusara Invocation. Just like when we begin any endeavor, it’s nice to prepare – whether we are participating or leading. Begin […]

Country Coordinators’ Reflections on 2021

“I have to say that after this year, I feel this resilient part of me more strongly that I didn’t see before.”Ericka Vera, Country Coordinator in Peru “Last year (2021) was a year of great achievements for me, despite all the obstacles caused by the coronavirus and its side effects!  On one hand, I had […]